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As a New Zealand first get rid of all legal high store shelves

The three local dairies which sold synthetic cannabis and similar legal party pills sat down with police last week and agreed to no longer stock the products despite the financial hit each will take.Many outlets across the country have stopped selling the dangerous substances, but with this move the town has become the first community to institute a local ban.Putaruru police officer Sergeant Jason Shailer said the decision came after retailers saw the damaging effects these products were having o...Read more

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The convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson

Wilson, 66, is scheduled to appear in Whanganui District Court, although it may be by video conference from prison.He allegedly breached his parole conditions when he rang the woman, a relative of one of his victims, in February, and he was recalled to prison.Wilson, dubbed "the beast of Blenheim", was sentenced to 21 years' jail for sexual and violent offending against women and girls over many years, and stupefying and bestiality charges.However, after serving the bulk of his term he had to be ...Read more

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Forget new year diet

A NEW REPORT, examining mortality statistics for almost three million people, has determined that people who would officially be deemed ‘overweight’ by modern classification live slightly longer than those whose weights are considered ‘healthy’.The report from academics at the US National Center for Health Statistics found that those which would be statistically classified as overweight are 6 per cent less likely to die prematurely than those who are of ‘normal’ weight Read more

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Tribal region bordering Afghanistan

At least four Pakistani soldiers have been killed during an operation against militants in the troubled tribal belt on the Afghan border cheap bedroom furniture.Officials said on Friday the fighting took place in Khyber's Tirah valley, where the military has been bombarding Taliban and other militants who pose a fresh threat to the nearby north-western city of Peshawar.The district is a key battleground in upcoming elections.A se...Read more

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Scotland website construction

A monastery built by a king of Scotland in the thirteenth century and the grave of a medieval knight have been discovered under a parking area in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh.Archaeologists found them while excavating a building site in Edinburgh's Old Town section, the U.K.'s Press Association reported.The grave was marked by a slab of sandstone "decorated with carvings of the Calvary cross and an ornate sword which signaled that it was the grave of a knight or other nobleman," the Press Association repor...Read more

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