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Japanese Hot Springs (Onsen)Trip!!

In Japan, we had 3 days holidays from 23rd Nov.-25th Nov. on last weekend.  As all of you know,  it is 23rd Oct. is Thanks Giving Day!!  Could you have a good day??  Well I went to Japanese hot springs 1 day trip in Gumma Prefecture with my friends.  Recently I did not go to such a typical Japanese style trip.  So I could take a relax @ hot springs so much.

  • Every Japanese inn is placing  some sweets (left side) with Green Tea on the table for their guests.  This means the welcome sign.  Also if you want to purchase them, you can purchase @ inn's shop.

  • This was our room.  The drawing of the left side wall is called "a hanging scroll".  And  the bottom of the space is called "Tokonoma".  "Tokonoma" is placed in old fashioned Japanese house.  Recently this style room rarely to see.

  • This is the view from our room.  It was beautiful mountain!

  • The inn's scene in day time and night time.

  • These are some ornaments in the lobby floor.

After we arrived the inn, we went to the waterfall, the named "Fuki-Wari no Taki".  The following pics are the area of "Fuki-Wari no Taki".

  • Japanese small shrine.

  • The above final 2 pics are "Fuki-Wari no Taki".

  • These foods were selling @ the street shop near waterfall.  The stuffs are all Japanese natural foods.  I don't know some of them...

  • The street shop scene...  So jamming inside of the shop!!  It was so fun!!

After we walking around "Fuki-Wari no Taki" area, we went to back to the inn.  Then before the dinner, we took a bath of hot springs.

  • This is the inside of hot springs.

  • This is the outside hot springs. 

The dried lavender flower decorated on the wall.  But nothing smell...

Finally we ate the following meals as dinner and breakfast!! 


  • The above is dinner for 1 person.

  • The above is breakfast for 1 person.

In the next morning, I took hot springs again after breakfast.  Then we checked out 10:00 @ inn.  We came back to Tokyo past 13:30.  Gumma prefecture is not so far away.  However there is good nature and relax place.  Well this is one of Japanese trip.  Do you want to do like this "Onsen" trip?? Kakaka~.








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Photo 37842
Sam, u sure last week is 23rd Oct.-25th Oct?! hehehe...or 23-25th Nov?! wonderful trip... How pretty!!!
over 13 years ago
Photo 37812
Hello vv_ping, Thanks for your comment on last night! I was on the way to writing this blog! The month is Nov. I made mistake... Thank you for pointing out!! It was good trip for me!
over 13 years ago
Photo 37842
I love travelling I hope i can go to Japan too... make a wish 1st !!!
over 13 years ago
Photo 37924
hey. sam..belated happy thanksgiving.. nice scenery over there.. is it winter already in japan?
over 13 years ago
Photo 37903
Hi, sam~ You had a good time on thanksgiving day! Japanese hot springs・・・「onsen 」in Japanese How I envy you!
over 13 years ago


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