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VanNess 1st. Japanese single "ONLY" premium event

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VanNess's Special Event on 10th. May 2008

Hello to all VanNess friends!

I joined VanNess's Special Event on 10th. May.2008.

At first, I would like to tell you all about my feeling to VANEESS, he was really really so gentle and kindly guy in this event more than usual.  He seems so care for Japanese fans so much.  In fact, after his 2nd concert in Japan in year 2007, some of Japanese his fans were looking forward what he is thinking of us or worrying about if he will do some his performance in Japan or not in near future.  However VanN...Read more

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VanNess arived in Narita on 9th. May 2008

Dear all VanNess Fans :

How are you all??  Time past away so fast....

So I am tired a little bit lately BUT I am still fine anyway

Yesterday I went to welcome to VanNess @ Narita airport.  During I was waiting VanNess came out to the lobby, I pretended like general person who I am just sitting on chair some of my so closed people.  VanNess looks like so fine and so smiling

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A Happy Chinese New Year to Everyone!!

Time was past so fast again...!!

I could back here over 1 month later now   

At first, it is just started Chinese New Year.

I wish all of you will have a wonderful and healthy in this year

I had been a so memorable moment with F4 and all of F4 fans in Taiwan in last month.

Thanks again to all who I could met in there. 

It was so hard and tough trip as usual.  However I could have a wo...Read more

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 ! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jerry Yan★

Dear Everyone!

It is just started wonderful New 2008

I wish all of you could start 2008 with so peaceful and healthful

Then I was a little bit late to celebrate to Jerry Yan's B.D... 

However I would like to celebrate his B.D in here!!

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Dear All of Friends!!

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Japanese Hot Springs (Onsen)Trip!!

In Japan, we had 3 days holidays from 23rd Nov.-25th Nov. on last weekend.  As all of you know,  it is 23rd Oct. is Thanks Giving Day!!  Could you have a good day??  Well I went to Japanese hot springs 1 day trip in Gumma Prefecture with my friends.  Recently I did not go to such a typical Japanese style trip.  So I could take a relax @ hot springs so much.

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VanNess Fan Meeting in Taiwan!!

This is the final report for individual member's fan meeting in TW 2007   Already some of friends were updating the report.  Sorry for the late!  Anyway I will do my own in now  

  • This is main stage banner of Halloween Party!!
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Jerry's Fan Meeting in Taiwan

This is my 2nd event in TW.  It was held on 27.Oct. @ Nangang Sports Center from 15:00-17:00.  After I left Vic's fan meeting, I came back to Jerry's fan meeting venue by taxi with some of fans.  Then I met another my fan friend in there.  We entered to the building, then I saw swimming pool @ the left side.  Exactly there was Sports Center.  Then I wondered we have to play basketball in here??  Jerry wanted to do that!  Anyway there were so crowd by a lots of people near the gate.  I and my friend went up to 3rd. fl...Read more

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Vic's Fan Meeting in Taiwan!!

I could just came back here...   So Hello eveyone !!  Since I came back home from my Taiwan Trip, I was busy to updated F4 event and F3 event reports on my Japanese blog. Coz some of my Japanese F4 fan friends could not go to Taiwan.  So I would like to inform them the details of  each event which I could join ASAP.  Today I could see some of events reports that  my friends in AnD.  Everyone is updateing so wonderful reports, photos and clips   Thanks for all of you!!

It is...Read more

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Dear all Vanness Fans!! My HN is sam. I am looking forward to meet a lots of V.DUBB fans in here. Chao! sam

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