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Iphone 4S Launched on Pay As You Go Deals

For all those consumers preferring not to be locked right into a long-term contract cope with their new iPhone 4S this really is very good news, additionally, it now implies that even individuals with a poor credit score can finally get hold of this latest Apple iPhone as there are no credit report checks to pass when trying to get pre pay phone deals.

The first of the UK network providers to produce the iPhone 4S on payg is Vodafone, the operator makes each and every variant from the latest iPhone available like a pre pay phone which means not just are the different memory variants including the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB now on sale but also the same phones in their white colour schemes.

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The big advantage of the payg system of phone ownership over iPhone 4S contract deals is that the consumer has complete control over their mobile expenditure, with no regular bills to surprise them they can simply top up their calling credit either online, over the phone or by buying top-up vouchers from high-street outlets and supermarkets.

Just like any new Apple product, the brand new iPhone 4S isn't a cheap item which is reflected in the price as a payg phone, the least expensive 16GB edition from the handset will definitely cost the customer £499 in advance but without any ongoing bills to bother with it is up to the consumer what they spend on their usage.

Vodafone are the only real UK networks to release pricing for the prepay iPhone 4S, though contract prices much the same across all networks in line with the actual trade price of the telephone it is unlikely that other operators will fluctuate far from these costs.

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There's another group of people who could now benefit from this latest release which it anyone who has lost or had their cell phone stolen and were covered by any form of insurance, they'll be liable for the remainder of any outstanding monthly line rental fees to the end of the contract period so buying an iPhone 4S on the pay as you go scheme would keep them in communication.

The Iphone 4S is anticipated to be released on further prepay networks over the future as well as being launched on Tesco Mobile deals with One year contract offers which should be the most cost effecient way of owning this latest iPhone.

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