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as all you guys know about A-MEI, i went to her concert  in tokyo tonight.

she's  so cute but strong enough, i'm impressed.


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Hosikuzu(stardust) Scat

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Live on

It is really heartaching hearing the news about the devastating earthquake in China and the number of victims are growing day by day. I am terribly saddened for the tremendous loss of life and the many injured and missing. People alive in the rubble SURVIVE! LIVE ON! NOT DEAD!

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I went to see the movie 軍鶏 Shamo which is now showing in Japan. If you love 鄭保瑞 Cheang Pou Soi's film I highly recommend this one.

軍鶏 Shamo is an action film adaptation of the same title Japanese comic story written by  橋本以蔵 Izo Hashimoto and art by Tanaka Akio たなか亜希夫.

It is directed by 鄭保瑞 Cheang Pou Soi known as a director of "Dog B...Read more

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Hi, I am a working housewife who loves arts, music,movies,concert,theater, shopping, chattering, cooking and so on. But for some reasons I don't feel like going

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