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CHUKKA BOOTChukka boot have always been stuck in my mind cause it was my very first Vans shoes that I saved money for days and bought it at sale price.  It was the CHUKKA BOOT in Olive Suede.  I remember wearing it for many weeks before even skated on it cause you know, once you skated, you'll ruined the shoes.  I was saving it and saving it.  Looking at it everyday when I wore it thinking about what tricks to do wearing it.  It's crazy.  You won't understand unless you are a skateboarder yourself.  It is still ...Read more

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8FIVE2SHOP Tee Shirt sale 50% off!

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Asian Hip Hop Festival: 24HERBS & Nas Live in Bangkok

24HERBS flew to Bangkok to perform on the same stage as Nas for Thaitanium's First ever Asian Hip Hop Festival on October 11th, 2008.Other Artists included Zeebra from Japan, MC Hot Dog from Taiwan, Beatmathics from the Philipines, Joe Flizzow from Malaysia, Maximum Crew from Korea, and of course Nas with a special guest appearance from Kelis during "If I ruled the world" Read more

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Just got the new Nokia E71!!!!!!!!!

First of all, it was hard to be truly excited about any phone after the i-phone but, this phone was it!

For anybody who's been annoyed with the keypads of i-phone or has an adult sized finger like I do, then you'll be so happy when you start to text on this one!  The keypad is DOPE! 

The next thing you'll notice is that it's crazy lightweight!

I have yet to explore all the things that this puppy can do...but, I'm gonna geek out tryingRead more

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Hong Kong
August 17, 2007