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Why Your Fine Art Degree Isn’t Useless?

In some level, everyone thinks that a degree in fine art is useless. This is because it is widely regarded that by going into the field of fine art, you are less likely to make money. That being said, there are many things which you can use your degree for.            

You Can Get a Job You Love

“If you get a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s a phrase everyone’s parent says at some point, and we’ve all been told these words over a dinner table conversation. There’s nothing that beats being excited to go to work every day. And if you’re not excited, then at least you don’t dread it.


It’s a popular opinion that not only will you make a limited amount of money, but a career in fine art is so competitive that you’re unlikely to get a job at any point close to your graduation. While you won’t have a guaranteed job, there’s not a single field that you’ll go into which will provide you with absolute confidence in getting a job.


If, say, you’re a writer, then you can start off as an intern and work your way up the ladder. If that isn’t an option then you can start a career in Freelancing before you have something more stable. No matter which direction you go into after your studies, you can find a job in the field you love and once you do, there’s nothing quite like it.


You’re also much likely to do well in your chosen field if you enjoy the work you’re doing because you’ll be more motivated and encouraged to work well compared to if you would go into a field that you simply can’t stand.           

You’ll Develop Your Skills

By going into fine art, you’ll grow considerably, not only as a student and employee, but as a person as well. You’ll be taught about culture and about art, which everyone could use a little more of.


You’ll also have the opportunity to develop your talent. While you may be an amazing artist or writer, there will always be room for improvement and studying in fine art will provide you with the push you need to turn into the absolute best version of yourself. Not only will this, but the connections you make in school likely provide you with a lifetime of people to turn to for advice and critique. You can even be introduced to some people that will set you up with an interview.


It’s an incredibly misunderstood and underappreciated field of study in today’s society. Fine art comes with a lot of prejudice. You won’t get a job, you won’t make money, etc. But this doesn’t have to be true if you put in the work. By studying in fine art, you’ll become a better person and a better prospective employee. Above, you can find out why studying in this field isn’t useless. 

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