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  • my flatmate dog in France

    Thursday, Jul 2, 2009 9:48PM / Standard Album / Members only
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  • brujita72
    posted on Thursday, Feb 4, 2010 5:11AM [Report]
    awwww...sooo cute
  • koko930
    posted on Saturday, Jul 4, 2009 2:16AM [Report]
    How cute!!!   I had kept the Yorkshire Terrier long long time ago. I also like American Cocker Spaniels! (^^)
  • cocoa
    posted on Friday, Jul 3, 2009 8:15AM [Report]
    かわいい♪ :D
  • jasmineT
    posted on Friday, Jul 3, 2009 5:45AM [Report]
    cute doggy, whats your mate's name?
  • MissScarlett
    posted on Friday, Jul 3, 2009 1:52AM [Report]
    cute! I have beagles :)
  • radwynn
    posted on Friday, Jul 3, 2009 12:10AM [Report]
    Oh, cute! =D


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