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Macao 2015 New Art Wave Expo.

After 2010, Mio Photo Award Osaka in Japan. Bostoe will exhibit photography in Macao 2015 New Art Wave Expo.
Location: Hall D Cotai Expo Venetian Macao

Opening Hours: 28/8/2015 (Fri) 1100 – 2000
29/8/2015(Sat) 1100 –2000
30/8/2015(Sun)1100 –1800
Free Admission 免費入場 My space: C22

Listening to the sounds of water

I learned violin in the past. Music has always been a part of my life. Living in a city, whenever I hear the sound of running water or a floating object, I reckon similarities of a painting and the city. I can visualize where the water or the waterflow comes from. I used photos to document the sound of water and time.
(Translated by New Art Wave)


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Accessible Communication

Accessible Communication

2014 Whatsapp: 
2014 Wechat: bostoesiu
2014 Hangouts: ballballwilson
2014 Google+:
2014 Skype:

2013 Artist Workshop: Wong Tai Sin, Fung Wong New Village, Kowloon.

2011 Facebook: Bostoe Siu Art Mediator
2011 Netlog:   

2010 Wikipedia:ボスト.シウ

2008 Artist Blog Official:
2001 Mail Address: P.O.Box 72465, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong.
2000 MSN Messager/ E-mail: 
1999 Artist Workshop: Hillwood Road, Kowloon, until 2001, 14 month
1999 Website: ,
1999 ICQ: 33006999

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Love Animal Project for My dear Doggie Pekingese

Love Animal Project for My dear Doggie Pekingese

Dear friends,


My dear Doggie Pekingese Ball Ball Wilson gone with his life on 19/11/2013, 16 year and 7 month.

I take part in the 4 Panel Photo Competition.

Discover my photo with animal, you are welcome to view and vote us with many thanks!

Entries Review and Voting

Best Regards,

Bostoe SIU

Bostoe Art Kingdom

Pet Name: Ball Ball Wilson

Pet type: Pekingese

Date of Birth: 4/4/1997

Date of Death: 19/11/2013 (16 year 7 month)

Description: I create my artist workshop with my Pekingese, named by Ball Ball Wilson. Before some people was very wrong planning, hit it. That's really hurt its heart. So I need to give a positive psychology for it everyday. After 16 year old, Ball Ball Wilson was problem of right-sided heart failure and Pulmonary hypertension. Keep take Sildenfil medication everyday. It live in my artist workshop on 275 days, stay in Veterinary Clinic until it leave us.

Unlimited Love and Cherish. Build a stable life for all animal.

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11 days in Taipei

No friend recognize , no community. I came to Taipei for my Easter holiday. First night, I went to Carrefour supermarket (Create in France) in Taipei. That's open 24H, so work hard in Asia society! a.mart is also France supermarket (named by Geant Casino), price is cheap! Beautiful Spring! in the town.

烏來 Wulai

Taipei Zoo

I don't go to Australia, say hello here Koala! 

I haven't take any photos with myself but you can find me here! Objective is donation my booklet ''Flow to east, Flow to west'' for the library and visit art space. Taste good, hostel price is OK. Hope I come back again with friends is better!~

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Time For Japan

I came to E-Max at HK Kowloon Bay this week, many Hong Kong people focus in JAPAN> I have visit after my work same I return in Japan now.   Free super bus in Mongkok Successful Exhibition! Can I look that in Japan? Can you talk something? I with JAPAN every time!

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Publication 2011--- Flow to east . Flow to west

Publication<>CoverPage 2Page 3-Many thanks Yoko and Steve help me edition.Page 5   Enjoy participation Mio Photo Award in Osaka with AND members. My good memories permanent! But I back to Japan again, is not easy! Page 22Page 23Page 30Page 34Page 38,39 detail[if gte mso 9]> Normal/w:View 0/w:Zoom 0/w:DisplayHorizontalDrawingGridEvery 2/w:DisplayVerticalDrawingGridEvery false/w:SaveIfXMLInvalid false/w:IgnoreMixedContent false/w:AlwaysShowPlaceholderText EN-US/w:LidThemeOther ZH-TW/w:LidThemeAsian X-NONE/w:LidThemeComplexScr&#105;pt /w:Compatibility MicrosoftInternetExplorer4/w:BrowserLevel /m:mathPr/w:WordDocument <![endif][if gte mso 9]> /w:LatentStyles <![endif][if !mso]>

<![endif]Every country has her unique culture. Considering my great-grandmother is Japanese and my cousin has been in France for many years, my family background can be described as multicultural. This initiates me to learn foreign languages and exchange thoughts with art lovers from different countries.

I think

art is not a matter of right or wrong

I can

visit the city I like, LRNC

do the job I like, A__T

meet the people I like, __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

May you

follow my steps in the horizons of art

share my flow of emotions

Bostoe SIUPage 21Flow to East‧Flow to West

Supported by:Hong Kong Culture and Art Foundation

Publication: Bostoe Art Kingdom

Concept, Editor: Bostoe SIU

Print-Run: 1000 copies

Publication Date: 12 MARCH 2011

Not for sale

All rights reserved

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Web Care Award Presentation Ceremony-22nd Jan 2011

Last Saturday, Ireceived  Web Care Award2011, Jade Award Web Accessibility. We presented the Presentation Ceremony in Olympian City ,22nd January 2011. 12:00p.m.-I can't come to this ceremony before 12:00p.m., my mother help me take my prize. Thank you my ma ma! 12:30p.m.-I arrived

How do you feel my hair?

Harmonious e-Generation, Harmonious social ! How about Bostoe Art Kingdom homepage project? Since 31st May 1999, Made in Hong Kong. In 2004, add French version In 2008, add Japanese version In 2009,I received Web Care Award, Silver Prize Web Accessibility.

In 2010,I received Web Care Award, Jade Prize Web Accessibility .

Top10 visitors (2006-2010)

Retrospective my homepage.

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Noah's Ark with my family

I'm one day visit with my mum, my sister and my brother at Noah's Ark in HK.

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Book Activities in Marseille

Take it free, donate your book in Marseille. Good idea for exchange people and exchange culture. Before I leave in France, i donated something in Emmaus association. Hope keep it this sculpture.

29 June 2010I took the books

  La couleur = colour immortels= immortals

I bought it

14 June 2009. I find my photography data on last year.

They make it again now, i want to participate.........but i can't For detail, please go to this website:  

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2 weeks in Europe

Hong Kong Berlin Milano Ventimiglia** Monte Carol Nice* Marseille Paris Palaiseau Villebon** Etampes Orleans Paris CDG Hong Kong

*Pas de visite/ no visit

Hong kong is difficult accept to change politics and return to China... Kowloon Park/ 20 June 2010

Arrival Berlin Meet my best friend, WADA Kenji. The sun is hot so we can't open our eyes. Berlin Legoland For Mario fans!

Milano I have visited three times in Milano 2007, 2009, 2010. One man visit.Ventimiglia

Monte Carol Back to France Orleans with my cousin and her daugther. She live in France over 20 years.

Discover BOOKOFF in Paris.

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