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there is no difference between the butcher and the man who employs him. For that we are all accountable

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RT @nexttokimdavis: .@MTrujillo32 #KimDavis also didn't do her goddamn job BEFORE the gays showed up.

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we were outraged by Vick's treatment of dogs, but women/cosmetics industry torture more animals then anyone? true?

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@Boblywobly TPP BAD

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spare me your new age crap. you're not a witch because you saw some movies or read something fanciful

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http://t.co/pjHFlImzPB poo, poo everywhere, not a drop not to find

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if you act like a sheep, be prepared to be treated like one

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in this modern era, it's not a invasion if you use missiles and drones

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RT @SmithsonianMag: Arresting images illustrate glacial melt http://t.co/W2GuM5kzOw http://t.co/5ePcm7uHQ3

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sometimes aquatic. sometimes airborne. but pretty grounded.


english, cantonese, mandarin
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April 15, 2007

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