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Ankhor Wat and Cambodia

A few things about Cambodia in April: 1. It's dang hot, real dang hot, but nice and dry (which I love)2. dusty. did I mention dry? as in bone dry?3. Cambodians are quite friendly people (once you get past the tuk tuks who are always hollering at you, but don't pester)4. The food is not as diverse or tasty as something like Thai or Vietnamese, but you gotta try it.5. The Cambodians are a truly resilient people, consider how the Khmer Rouge's bloody, insane reign ended relatively recently. They are to be admired for their en...Read more

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Happy New Year and the iPod

hope everyone had a great time and wish you a great year!

just to note, for those of you using Apple's ipods, etc. for your music needs, if you ever felt iTunes was a pain in the ass to use, especially with file management and backup of your music (or you just prefer to manually manage your music files v. relying on an Auto Sync, which might just wipe out your iPod music that might not be on your main computer), check out Sharepod.

Much easier, less headache. iTunes = fail.

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The invisible man

Supposedly just paint, no photoshop:


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Airbender controversy - To cast or not to cast Asian-Americans

Apparently, on the Nick channel, there's been a cartoon for 3 seasons that featured asian protagonist heroes in an asian-like world of magic/kung fu. Since I don't watch Nick, this is news to me.

But then recently, in the theatre, I saw a trailer of the Last Airbender that Paramount is producing (a live-action movie as opposed to a cartoon). And then I happened to come across some article about the casting of the protagonists and antagonists ie good guys v. bad guys.

And e...Read more

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Someone likes Star Wars and Tauntauns a little too much, but hey you gotta respect the dedication:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/upl7F5p0DHY&rel

Here's another guy with an obsession, albeit one of a more dangerous and serious nature. Cuz when you start being responsible for 5.6% of Harrah's Entertainment's annual revenues, you know you're really gambling.

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standardizing chargers and earplug outlets


Apparently mobile device companies have agreed or are in the process of agreeing to standardize power chargers and earphones as well as USB cables. This is a very good thing for consumers and the environment.

No more switching between 2.5mm and 3.5mm earphones (and buying more than one).

No more having different plugs and USB cable...Read more

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as some of you may know, I've been away on some trips. Will blog about that soon enough and upload some of my pics.

In the meantime, I took a look at some new trailers, some very interesting movies out there coming soon:

Avatar. A James Cameron film about a soldier who infiltrates an alien race so that military-industrials can take over the planet's resources.  The method of infiltration is of course implied by the title.

The Wolfman: the trailer hints at a great cast, De Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weavin...Read more

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For the Transformers/Decepticon fans


Now you can get a Ravage Decepticon that transforms into a USB stick!

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Fitness Website

I was looking for some information and came across this guy, Scooby, on Youtube, who has a great deal of useful info on bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition.

His videos online are easy to understand, simple, and shows you how easy it is to exercise from home with minimal purchases: no expensive gym membership, no payment plan for large metal contraptions, etc. - just some dumbbells, and a few other inexpensive items - all his exercises can be done from home.

Now if you goto his website: Read more

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