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  • been a while

    Tuesday, Jul 1, 2008 3:14AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Okay, well I officially "suck" at keeping up a somewhat decent blog. 
    Let's see... what  have I been up to, well for starters the hosting is starting to pick up more which is good.  This is one avenue of the entertainment biz I never thought I would get into and enjoy but I do. 

    I might be up for something quite big soon but can't say until it happens...or not :)

    Modeling has been good for me so far here, which I am very fortunate for.  This market is unique in the sense it's small and  you can work a lot quickly however clients can get bored of you if you become overexposed.  So I realize the importance of reinventing yourself.  I look at at like any job, to make more money you have to keep improving, which is what these past few months have been for me.  I added a couple of new pics from and underwear shoot I did two weeks ago.  I'm really happy how the pics turned out and how the hard work paid off.  Some people have the genetics to be lean and fit while others have to work. I am part of the second half. 

    On the geek side, I need to get a new phone and computer.  For the people that have known me for a number of years I am a big geek, and used to be heavily into all the latest stuff, but when I worked at Apple computer a couple of years back,  getting to be a part of the behind the scenes, you become numb to having it all, since something better always comes.  Sometimes temptation is hard but i must follow my own advice, and not by for now but buy for the next year or two especially when it comes to computers.  Phones are different,  6 to 8 months with a phone is a long time,  some do it longer I just can't. 

    Everyone is about the iphone, and I'm with you all on that, but not until it's officially released here.  I know how first run products do in terms of quality control, and I will not spend 800 plus dollars on a product that has no warranty for pure status.  ipod touch is good enough for me to get my "touch screen" fill. 

    So the hunt is on...any recommendations feel free to drop me a line.  I frequent boards like hardwarezone etc. but it's sometimes a bit hard to understand typed "singlish".  lol.

    Until next time :)

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    Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008 4:14PM


  • Bobby Tonelli is an American actor/host/model currently based in Singapore. He has appeared in numerous film and television projects as well as some notable ads through out South East Asia.
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