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   today, i met one of my friends on  MSN, haven't heard from him since Feb, he wanted to tell me, the  editting  jobs of the short movie we made together had been finished, everything is ready now, and he will send it to me before the end of May.

  it 's not the very first time i do these things for my friends, or friend of my friends-- to be an actress. sounds funny , and it is really funny.  i had never learnt how to act, but everyday life and those pains you got from it are  really good teachers.  i enjoyed every minute when i was an actress.  but to be honest, i still dare not to see myself from tv  till now, i just like to do the acting parts . this time worked with this friend was for his graduation. he studied directing at a college at HONGKONG  ,and he wanted me to help him with something like a graduation essay--a forty --minute long  movie. the whole story was really formed just like the Heavenly kings:  all the things are under controlled without being known by others.  he wanted the movie to be looked like a documentary thing ,  in these forty minutes,all the things look like real ,but it was half -half,  no one knows what is real besides us.^^  all the things were well arranged already -- the interviews, the hook ups in the club.....i still remember  there was one   scene   , i  cried hardly ~~ 

   sometimes , life is just like this forty-minute long movie----- who knows what is real ? what is not ? you are yourself today , but who knows what gonna happen tomorrow.  life is like a movie ,  everyone is the main one in the story of your own.


BTW: is there anyone kindly to tell me how to upload the pic together with those words ? i tried twice but saw nothingT.T if some of you knows that , plz tell me, thx a lot!!~~^^

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