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haven't update for almost one month,   cuz it was really too busy for me , everyday repeating the same old things , the jobs really turned to be a huge stress to me to handle with , but finally i m still ALIVE^^ since tomorrow is July 4th , i can get a break from it ^^

lately no more entertaining programmes, i got used to speak to myself in different languages, sounds  so stupid but it is really funny sometimes. feel like there were several people together with me , chatting, but actually there were only me...  characteristic problems or the psychological problem? none .. i hope ...

and the weather here is getting more and more gross, sometimes it was so hard for me to even just breathe. is it the problem only appears here or it is already global? and bad weather lead you to bad mood. so , everyone here are always quite moody , at least i am.>-<  but last satuarday was quite cool. one of my friends who works as an designer invited me to join him to watch DVD together at his place, it was heavy rainning on that day and his house is really perfect: not that big but quite uniq~~ dark and luxry, i like the wall with DVD in the middle the best^^  and what we watched was  the  'boys don't cry'. i had heard about this movie for a while,  it was really a good movie though i  really don't like the end of it. no matter what had really happened in the reality, why can't they just make it an happy ending? there are so many homosexual / bisexual people now around the whole world, come on....... don't let the movie turn more people down

these days , i always feel that my heart dosen't work that well anymore, it always beat too fast made me feel not that good, so i 'd better go to swim or do somethings now.... hope next weekend can come soon, for i gonna be able to meet someone i do want to see^^



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Miao, You have been tagged!

Write a blog with these questions and provide Fantabulous Friday meme answers:

  1. What is the most fantabulous thing that has happened this week?

  2. When you are feeling kinda down, what do you do to make yourself feel fantabulous?

  3. If you could change one thing about your life that would make you feel more fantabulous, what would it be?

Tag 6 others.

finally  , it s my turn now. ^^

here is my answers:

  1. the most fantabulous thing happened this week was i went to clubbing with some of my friends this week. i haven't do that for really a long time. and i was happy that night , cuz i know i m still quite young--dancing for whole night ~~ wow^^

2.i think i have two ways to handle with it:A . i will chose a really sad movie ,watch it alone and cry with it , then i gonna be really ok;B. i will listen to the music i like the best and write whatever i wanna say , then delete them in the end.

3.if i really could do something , i wish i could have the ability as the guy in the ,then i will be able to change myself from the mistakes i had made.


tag six others:

ummm i think they gonna be:

  1. Daniel 2. Terence3. Gel 4. musicnote 5.schimke 6.PNUT

though i know they might had been tagged for several times but i still wanna do that^^



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feel so sorry

   i feel so sick today , mentally. i was there trying to find something i need from a box full of old stuffs, but i got something i had forgotten for long time. some letters and pics  from a guy, who i left behind last year. 

  emmmm, just feel so sorry about him, about us , about myself. it is really like that , only when you lost it you gonna know how good it is. i m learning it now. though our time has already  passed way, and i even don't know whether he is still here in the same city with me or not, and he already got his new parter , but still  i regret for the way i treated him .  maybe i was still childish , even till now  i m still childish ,  now i  just feel that i m such a bad person T. T  everybody has some really special people in their life , those people and those memories have something to do with them could not be errased for ever, and now i like to think about those PEOPLE. some of my friends always say :when you started to think about the past ,  you are really old now. am i ?

   maybe i was too wrong at that moment , maybe because i m really old now, or maybe just for it s gonna rain soon.

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   today, i met one of my friends on  MSN, haven't heard from him since Feb, he wanted to tell me, the  editting  jobs of the short movie we made together had been finished, everything is ready now, and he will send it to me before the end of May.

  it 's not the very first time i do these things for my friends, or friend of my friends-- to be an actress. sounds funny , and it is really funny.  i had never learnt how to act, but everyday life and those pains you got from it are  really good teachers.  i enjoyed every minute when i was an actress.  but to be honest, i still dare not to see myself from tv  till now, i just like to do the acting parts . this time worked with this friend was for his graduation. he studied directing at a college at HONGKONG  ,and he wanted me to help him with something like a graduation essay--a forty --minute long  movie. the whole story was really formed just like the Heavenly kings:  all the things are under controlled without being known by others.  he wanted the movie to be looked like a documentary thing ,  in these forty minutes,all the things look like real ,but it was half -half,  no one knows what is real besides us.^^  all the things were well arranged already -- the interviews, the hook ups in the club.....i still remember  there was one   scene   , i  cried hardly ~~ 

   sometimes , life is just like this forty-minute long movie----- who knows what is real ? what is not ? you are yourself today , but who knows what gonna happen tomorrow.  life is like a movie ,  everyone is the main one in the story of your own.


BTW: is there anyone kindly to tell me how to upload the pic together with those words ? i tried twice but saw nothingT.T if some of you knows that , plz tell me, thx a lot!!~~^^

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    ummm, asking a question like this is for , i had been listened to limpbizkit for the whole day ~~ can't help shaking my legs with the beats ,feel so high ^^ !!!!!!! though i m still sitting in my office now -.- but people around me never mind to see me singing alone with something they couldn't hear(thx to the earphone^.^)  just feel funny to see their eyes to stare at me seems like asking me "what the hell are you  doing there???!!" kaka  i like that ~~~

    music , the best thing had ever  been invented by people ,i do think so , TV was already out of my life . if you came to beijing and stayed here for a while then you gonna know how i feel , so   honestly internet and music fill my life up.THX ~~ 

   recently , most people may already forgot about the band named as the LIMPBIZKIT, i almost did that two years ago , their vacation seemed to be a little bit too long ^^ is there any news about them these days? or i am already out of it ?-.-

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Say something

Welcome to my newly created profile! I hope you come back and check frequently. I'll be posting some fresh and interesting things to share with you. Feel free to bookmark this profile and recommend it to your friends. Let's all share together!


    that ' s what the web helped me to say , and now , here ,check it out~~ it 's me , miao . i m a little lazy to change the letters from A to a or from  a to A, so ..... sorry for that , but the weather today really made me feel sick!!!  my eyes feel so dry and sooooo sleeeppy, but i stil have to wait for more than 30 minutes to go back home. and , home is not the place i wanna go the best after whole day work. where to go? i don' t know that too~~

    say something about me , i should do that . ennnn, how to open that up? how i look like, that s a big problem . i dont mean i look terrbile , but the problem for me is i seldom took pics, not for i don't like that , just i m not good at it. ^^ , then , i  am working in the bank , but this is not the right job for me to do , i don't like this at all , just doing this for keep ALIVE la , ^^ not that bad , but still need some time to find myself out in the future.

   life . that ' s the worst thing for me to think about. now i m 24 y o, but i always feel like i m 30 something.  what i really want to do ? at the very beginning , i wanted to be a writer , worked in a company making and selling TV dramas as the assistant of the boss, just wanna learn something there,but i found out it s difficult to let most people even just to accept what i wrote, cuz i like sad stories , but they just like some funny things. i know i know. later i tried to work as an editor in some certain art magazine,but later i found out i would go mad if i kept on working there with those so called artist!!now  i just think about to be the boss of a small cafe,  still need some money la~~

   all the things above might sounds like bullsxxt~~ , but that' s my style ^^  thinking about something all the time, then finally found out it s so far away from where i am now. but it's life is like that to everyone, even to Terence , i think.^^ 

  about music , hip-hop, punk rock, rock&roll.....i like all of them, including Tom Waits. though i really did not like him when i heard his music the very first time. the only type i can't accept might be the opera . maybe ^^ i really can not speak italian~~

  then what else about self introuduction? i think i already said too much , someone might not be that patient to finish reading what i had wrote , it s okay, no matter like me or not , it's really nice to see you guys here , just wanna say 'hi ' ~~^^


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