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why am i not in a movie?!

haha...judging by the title, u might not get what i'm saying...

don't u think life in the movies is so laid back and relaxing? the characters in many movies don't really show them working...why can't i be in any of them? why am i in reality?

urgh...this one-day public holiday is just too short!! i don't wanna go to sleep!!! bcuz when i wake up, it's a working day...

when's x'mas?

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construction or destruction...

time for some deep thinking again...

this blog was initially supposed to appear in my friendster blog earlier this year...

i totally forgot about this blog topic until a few days ago, when i stopped at the traffic light right beside the new flyover (overpass road) in town...

it seems i'm never gonna finish the entry...it's still lying in my draft over that blog...so i guess i'll just delete it and start afresh here.....Read more

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killing time...

while i'm waiting for the result of the latest Asian Idol...

found these to be extremely cute!!

spreading some Christmas spirit... Read more

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2 years...

today marks the day i started working! 2 years ago that is...

so 2 years passed...

how come i don't feel a thing, except the fact that i'm getting OLD... working makes me feel old a lot faster than i expected... ahh...life!

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human existence...

just something i'd like to share with everybody before i hit the sack tonight...well, it's already past midnight...

this is one of the questions that has been lingering on my mind ever since forever...well maybe not so long, but ever since i got harassed by mindless and rude kids back in primary(elementary) school days on my ethnicity, i didn't like being part different, especially being part Japanese due to the fact that in WW2, the Japanese military occupied this land for 3 years and 8 months, and all the cruelty that...Read more

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and so we were in the office past 5pm...usual...for me...and some of my colleagues...

my manager got a phone call from her friend, also working with our sister company, her office is just across the street...

the conversation goes something like...

"what? you must be kidding..."

"facing your office?"

"no...don't go and see things like this, you'll have nightmares at night..."

obviously, somebody jumped off the building...and this time, I'M IN THE BUILDING!

...Read more
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Congrats Jay & Vincent!!

i told myself the first thing i get an online connection, i wanna blog and congratulate both Jay and Vincent for snatching away the Best Original Film Song in last night's 44th Golden Horse Award!

lucky me, i was at my aunt's place last night accompanying my mum bcuz my aunt had to attend a dinner in town. my mum's been at my aunt's place since...Wednesday? my aunt's house got robbed and she's helping her to clean up and tidy...

i actually didn't know the award show was gonna be telecas...Read more

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周傑倫 - 我不配



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Which ... Are You

it's Sunday...time for some relaxation after a morning of cleaning stuffs and lazing... ##Which Female Action Hero Are You?You are Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You are outgoing, warm, and sociable.  Your intelligence and intuition give you a strong sense of right and wrong; you may be soft, sweet, and a little air-headed at times, but you are f...Read more

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today, また日本人のお客さまから電話が来た… 同僚たちお客さまのお話は全然解りませんでした…but it was in English! 英語なのに~ また私です…aaah...

けど今回、私は英語でお客さまと相談しました…  自信持ってませんです ごめんなさい~お客さま!全然お手伝ってません

AliveNotDead 助けて!もっと日本語の blog 読みたいよ~

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