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and so i've performed my civil responsibility...

...as a Malaysian...

i casted my vote at approximately 1630hrs...

and it was raining...not heavy but it was still raining...so i've done my part!

had my AnD cap on to protect my still functioning brain...

while the counter was checking my ID, one of the Parliamentary candidate was standing nearby, chit-chatting, and he lit up a cigarette...not to say it's wrong, i smoke too (socially) but...bad example... no votes for u......Read more

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my list of 3

in respond to Peachey's request last night at the shout box...

so here comes mine!

  1. Jobs you've had (this means previous jobs right? since it's "had")
  2. stressed out admin clerk who does the job of a purchasing executive
  3. happy waitress- part time office assistant

  4. Of your favorite foods

  5. Unagi

  6. Salad

  7. Chocolate? does that count? whatever...

  8. Good memories

  9. non-stop 22 years old birthday celebrat...Read more

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Congratulations Candidates!

well, polling day isn't until tomorrow, but still...i wanna congratulate whoever that wins tomorrow...thanx to the heavy rain just now, the street is a BIG MESS!! whoever wins make sure they clean up the street!

no kidding, it's a mess along the way home just now...all those campaign banners and flyers, especially those made of paper hanging from lamp post to lamp post were wet and soggy, and guess what, they all didn't survive the rain! it's all over the roadside...crumbled, and ugly...boo...wasted tax mo...Read more

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just for today that is...haha! 

it was fun!

it was actually a Team Building program held by one of our suppliers, and since we do have some Team Building Program inquiries, they invited us to attend one so that we get some idea of how they run their programs.

the whole idea was to get all the participants to play musical instruments together, emphasizing on team work with creating harmonious rhythms...there were a few instruments that we can choose from: Agogo bell...Read more

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my virtual existence...

i've never done this before, and never actually thought of doing it until yesterday when i read the reply from Adrian Zaw after commenting on his Asian Bashing blog...

so i typed in my name and googled it up...and guess what i found?!

5950 results for sono kumagai

and as i refined it to "sono kumagai&qu...Read more

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Happy New Month: March

Competition day yesterday...too tired to upload last night...

some pictures as promised...

caught Kirstin's back here, she was taking care of some primary school students participating in the competition...she's my secondary classmate for many years =)

a couple of politicians came to launch the opening of the competition...almost polling time, which explains their p...Read more

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Happy Leap Year!!

MySpace-Comments MySpace Comments

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What is it with Jin, the radio, and me?!

this morning on my way to work, after all the prank calls, Hitz.FM was playing all those songs that i'm getting bored of over and over again, so i decided to switch to other channels...and i landed on MyFM, the Chinese station, some nice songs were playing, no idea who's song though...

and the day goes on...heavy start in the office, but don't mind that...

so when i left from the office after work, it was around 7:20pm...and i went around the shopping complex looking at shoes, but in the en...Read more

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arrangements in a song...

this came to attention while driving home from work...

Hitz.FM was playing Backstreet Boys' Inconsolable...

they air BSB a lot these days bcuz they're comin' over to Sunway Lagoon for a show...

it's part of the promotion, and Hitz.FM is giving away free tickets...

anyway, back to the topic...

it was while i was humming along the 2nd last verse and B-rok went "Cause Baby~" and the rest continued "I don't wanna waste another day..."

he was already ...Read more

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Chinese Calligraphy Practise...

was so tired yesterday and went to bed from around 6pm until this morning 6am...

i did wake up maybe around 4am but couldn't really tell, didn't on the lights so couldn't see the time...my cellphone was not in my room either...

anyway...just wanna share some pics taken...

this was on the common notice board...to keep the privacy of my juniors, i have censored most of the important details except for one...JJ!! WHAT DID YOU DO! haha...guess this is a common name nowadays~

Read more

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