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haha...no April Fool's joke here...

honestly speaking, i've enjoyed reading all the April Fool's entry by all the artists and admins in AnD...i hope none of them are real, but maybe it's one of their inner struggles ...but guys and girls, i love y'all, and hope that you're all enjoying what you do and are happy always...

well, this entry is gonna be a recap on Sunday's dinner...

we celebrated Renee's 5th birthday... Read more

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What You Got - Colby O'Donis feat. Akon

i'm SO LOVIN' this song at the moment!!

heard it over the radio for a few times the past week and finally i know who's singing apart from the rap narrations and "oh-oh" parts which is obviously becoming Akon's tagline in all of his songs and songs that features him!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O3NmqzTpFM

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i'm soooo soooo sorry to keep y'all waiting...

i was so tired on Sunday that i went straight to sleep after i reach home...

and my whole body was aching the next day, especially my shoulders...even until today, i still feel a bit sore, but i got used to it...

anyway, let's rewind to Sunday...

got up at 7am, cleaned myself up, do some last minute checking with what to bring, and got an SMS from Serena, my colleague saying she's already in town, waiting for me to go have breakfast...Read more

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Whitewater Rafting tomorrow!!

ok, tomorrow's gonna be another Familiarisation Trip!

to Kiulu River for Whitewater Rafting...

this is gonna be my first time doing it, so am feeling really excited, scared, struggling with myself...but still, looking forward to it...

they say Kiulu River is a milder one compared to Padas River...but i don't know, it rained just now, so i'm guessing water must came pouring from the mountain, meaning the river won't be as shallow tomorrow? Read more

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ah, a holiday...

so cousin Alvina, her husband Sal, and their children Renee and Jasmine touched down KK from CA this Monday...i didn't get to meet them or hear any of their voices until yesterday, when Alvina called in the morning and asked me to join them for lunch...they're going for Italian...

well...children again, i thought...i'm surrounded by kids this week...

Wednesday night, dinner with ex-colleagues: "son" Herbert, skinny Lau...Read more

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got picked by gilgamesh~ argh!

This is a wonderful game.  For those who have been picked, please state who has picked you for the game.


Answer the questions as follows.  Then, delete one of the questions you don't like and add a new question.  There should be 20 questions in total.  Pass it on to 11 people and list the people who will need to answer those questions.  Notify them by signing on their guestbook and tell them that they've been picked.  The chosen ones will have to answer the questions.  They will then be forever bles...Read more

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What kind of ice cream are you?

got this from Sirendipity~! pretty much accurate about me...if i'm in a good mood...=) and guess i'm in a good mood now!

         What kind of ice cream are you?         You're Rocky Road!

Excitement is your middle name. You're somewhat impulsive; if something sounds fun, you go out and do it without another thought. You can b...Read more

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this happened earlier when i logged in... just thought the number was cute...

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what happened to NRG?!

i finished downloading MBC (Korea)'s Show! Music Centre (쇼!음악중심) Epi. 15 aired 18 Feb 2006 (woah, 2 years ago!!) and to my surprise!!


the last to perform on the show...

Cheon Myeong Hoon!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU! he became so big~ i mean, big as in fat...not the round type of fat, but he's broader than i last remembered him to be...hence i describe him 'big' instead of 'fat'...uh...Read more

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Monsopiad Cultural Village + Lembah Impian Country Homes

Polling was yesterday, regardless of the outcome, it's over and done with...

now for some introduction to places of interest located in the inner-part of Kota Kinabalu, in the district of Penampang...

today was another of our familiarization trip to local places of interest we sell to our guests: Monsopiad Cultural Village & Lembah Impian Country Homes...

<...Read more
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