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why am i so into ancient architectural wonders...

was watching The History Channel...for several hours from the late afternoon until just now while having dinner, i flipped through the channels and settled with Covenant...

for a great portion of my life, i've been amazed with ancient wonders, especially from the western world...Egyptian's, Greek's, Roman's...and over the years, i've forgotten why i am so into these buildings from way over thousands of years...

"Engineering An Empire - Rome" got me glued to the couch, and also made me realize it was bcuz most of these buildings were built more than 2 millennia ago, from an age where modern technologies were unavailable, and yet human from that time built beautiful, magnificent, and majestic architectural wonders, way better than what they're building in Dubai currently...it was either the architects back then were exceptionally brilliant in calculations, or it was plain luck that they get to build something so massive and still stand till this day...

another thought crept into my mind...since what goes around, comes around, are we living in a loop? even in economies, there are peak, recession, recovery and growth, can human civilization have a cycle like this as well? and are we currently living in the growth, reaching towards a peak? and then it all gets wiped out, and the cycle continues from a "recession"?

many say that people in ancient times are less smarter than we are today, but with all these architectural examples, i think this is an inappropriate statement...so where have all these wisdom gone to?

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It was amazing how they built buildings back in the days... its like the mud architecture you see in Africa.... totally mad how its all evolved.. and nowadays... they seem to fall apart quicker... i think its all part of that scam....
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