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it's time for another entry...

lol , funny thing about adding my friends in alivenotdead.com network since yesterday...they suddenly became my idol... well, one of them downgraded and became my friend just now...the other is still in my "i'm a fan of..." section...

still figuring out the settings in this network...this will be part of my responsibility as a user and to promote this network...it's VERY IMPORTANT!

i wanna have more friends, bcuz it feels lonely here compared to my friendster; well of course, friendster had been my long term 'investment' since 2003...

i'm having very late nights since the commencement of this internship...it's so exciting to be in here...another reason is some of my crazy friends are back in town, so i'm hangin' out with them until around midnight...after so many laughs out there, i can't really dive into Zzz mode...

and since the site turned into an online artistic community, as mentioned in the ABOUT AND section , i have another place to hang out online...getting online is no longer the habitual login to WinLiveMsgr, check emails, check Friendster, check forum....now, there's so many things to check out in here...

i'm waiting for the weekends where i can have a full swing concentration on understanding the whole network and check out all the artists...gotta say, 24Herbs and Hardpack are bringing my highschool memories back to me, bcuz i'm reminded of LMF...how the years passed...

anyway, gotta hit the sack...it's time...

p/s i watched Next tonight with 3 other friends, ok...somebody said it was a pretty deep movie, so i had really high expectations...towards the end, i just whispered to my friend saying: i don't wanna see this movie ending where Nicholas Cage suddenly wakes up and finds himself sitting in the cafe, meeting Jessica Biel for the first time or something like that, and the whole cycle starts again...and then IT DID have a similar plot, just different scene...DAMN! my friend immediately looked at me, alarmed...

duh, can we have something different...? something i can't predict...so i guess i became Cris Johnson too, i can tell the ending of the movie a few minutes before it happens! anyway, some very exciting scenes while he was escaping from the FBIs and the French terrorists...the only fun parts were seeing Cage avoiding from getting hurt and just walk around without any bullet proof armour on, it kinda looks funny...Julianne Moore's character as Agent Ferris was pretty cool too, good with guns, she must be a pro in playing CS, lol! Thomas Kretschmann looks hot...i have always loved villains...


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Photo 24063
sai ka tu? downgrade..?? i still need long time get use to this.. ^^
about 13 years ago
Photo 291
thx for visitin my page~ur in dis intern too? i myself trying hard too hehe~~ ur half japanese ? cool, i'm learning the language recently n the hiragana are killing me, can't remember em!!
about 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
ya, when you do a friend request, it makes you a fan first until your friend accepts the request.. =)
about 13 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
E Ling- yes, i was referring to u...puhaha... Meggy- yup, we're together in this, lol~ let's brainwash all our friends...btw, which detergent is best for washing? Patrick- thanx for the info, now i get it...well, good tactic...
about 13 years ago
Photo 1831
konnichiha! hehe. Nice to meet you. ^ ^
about 13 years ago
Photo 291
haha i wish I knew, my friends are really annoying cos Facebook is all in their head now btw, can i add u, or u can add me, i left my info on my page. ^_^
about 13 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
musicnote~ hiyee! don't forget my cake! lol~ Meggy~ one new friend request comin right up!
about 13 years ago


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