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Secret 不能說的.秘密 the movie...

so i finally watched it on X'mas day...more like X'mas afternoon...

i got the DVD from Corrina as my X'mas gift, bcuz i requested for it...lol~ since i'm hearing all the good comments from everywhere... and the packaging is sooo cool, it's got a pop-up grand piano...very nice...

before watching the movie, i started with the trailer, even though i've seen it so many times! proceeded with the making and NG scenes...maybe bcuz they're in a shoot, so Jay looks very serious while directing...he's gonna be so super! can a person be so multi-talented and excels in everything? makes me doubtful...

after watching, can't help but compare it to Il Mare (시월애, starring Jeon JiHyun, Lee JungJae), which The Lake House (starring Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock) is based on...it's all bcuz of the time-space based storyline...a genre i very much enjoy watching (compare 2009: Lost Memories & The Returner)

since i've only watched it once, so i think the scrīpt was nicely written, very detailed into scenes that i expected to go wrong but didn't, though in the beginning, i thought the scenes were a bit too hasty...music arrangements were incredible...and the extravagant piano duel shot through the piano steel strings and felt hammers, simply marvelous! the tearing down of the old music building was too dramatic and techy, you can actually see the graphic difference there...

overall, it made me miss playing piano!!! maybe i should get a synthesizer...can't believe there's even a Q&A page set up for this movie...

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I think this was a nicely done movie. I enjoyed it. After watching it, I wanted to become better at playing the piano. hehe
over 12 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
i haven't been able to play since my cousin took my piano (actually it belongs to my aunt, but she put it in my house for years) away...i only get to play once in a while when i go to my friends' house...
over 12 years ago
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hee didnt watch the movie, but saw the piano duel on youtube. Check out my playing by ear of one of the duel songs. http://www.alivenotdead.com/22991/viewspace_22810.html
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"follow the notes upon the journey at first sight marks one's destiny once the voyage comes to an end return lies within hasty keys" ok, i just watched for the 2nd time and found something that i think, was too exaggerating...in the third duel piece with Yu Hao, Jay only single handedly played the piece...is that possible? how could he have slot in the staccato in between? i know the movie is about how good the Ye Xiang Lun is at playing the piano, but that's way over exaggerating... when i watched for the first time, i thought it was the camera's angle, but just now when i repeated that part over and over again, HE DID PLAY SINGLE HANDEDLY! someone please enlighten me~ and Jo's video is sooo cool!! can't doubt a piano tutor's ability~ i should definitely get Jo as my tutor, i haven't played for a long time!
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In one of Jay's music video's, he plays single handed too. ^^;;
over 12 years ago
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I've not seen the movie.... I want to see it...but I can't understand a Chinese or an English sclipt....omg...
over 12 years ago
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Yes, the movie is very similar to the movies you stated here, but I still like this movie, my E found it a bit bored, I felt its rhythm is just OK :)
over 12 years ago
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musicnote music videos normally exaggerates the artists, so i can bear with it...but in a movie, i thought the actors should stay true to what is nearer to reality, no idea...his movie, his direction, his story...duh~ ゆみこさん、 もうすぐ、日本語の版も出て来ると思いますよ~待っててね! Amy, my colleague borrowed my DVD and watched with her husband...they were interrupted towards the end so they still didn't understand what happened. her husband kept on insisting that SHE'S A GHOST! SHE'S A GHOST! haha...
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