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partying? everyday i'm shufflin?

ok...this is not gonna be a long entry, i hope? well, i started going to clubs, pubs, late...like when i got past 18...anyway, when i started college... the definition of partying then was, to see and to be seen...meaning, to dress up, make up, look nice, be with good looking crowd, and have a good time in the dance floor, drink A LOT...the outcome is of course, some dudes getting drunk, a lot of spiked mixer, and crazy crowd... it was fun then, not fun after everybody got older and having their own groupie, and not getting together every weekend...that, of course, caused me not to drink that frequently anymore...the thing about going drinking is that, you have to have a crowd, at least 5pax, together, have fun, drink, dance, shout (cuz there's no point talking when the bass is so loud), and being able to trust each other that whoever in the crowd gets drunk, the others will take care of each other...that is, at least, my law of going drinking...and whoever messes with us, he/she's gonna get it...i have long been absent from excessive clubbing/drinking in a common place, ie clubs, pubs... it's normally at somebody's crib...bcuz when we get drunk, there's at least a clean place to lie down...and that's what happens nowadays since i'm not a big drinker anymore...i used to get all this "hey, i've never seen you drunk, get drunk once in a while..." like...hell no...but nowadays, hell yeah...i'm dead before the night is over...so friday night, we girls went out for a karaoke night...it was fun until 12am when one of us gets a call from home ordering her to go home...so in the end, i was there singing alone, waiting for my other friends to come join me...and i practically sang for an hour, all alone... it was kinda fun cuz i get to sing all my songs...but i was kinda worried if my other friends abandon me or ended up drunk before getting me out from the karaoke...finally they got in around 1.45am, telling me to wrap things up by 2am cuz we're heading back to where they came from...so we're off to a club(?) can u call it that?? i don't know, but there's a live band performing there, so it was cool...then at 3am? they turn on the lights, meaning, time to leave...we finished our drinks, and was off to another location...turns out it's closed, so we went to another one that opens til 5am...and there i was, very dressed down, but who cares...ppl look at chicks, not me...i'm overage...lol XD plus, i'm not gonna check out little boys...i want a man...lol XDDDDD i wanna drive an Audi...i wanna dress in Alexander McQueen, carrying a Burberry, wearing Tiffany...LOL XDDDDDDDDDDso it was ok...and we partied til 5.45am til the place was almost empty...sent some girls home, and then go park in front of a dim sum place waiting for breakfast...i don't think i've ever partied this long...the times i went home in the morning was after mahjong at my friend's, or the day my bro left to KL and we got drunk in his hotel room...that was it...and surprisingly, i was still considered sober, but very tired and sleepy...wanna do it agan next weekend? well...that...is under consideration...but, do remember to drink & drive safely everyone...signing off...

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I haven't partied that late (or early? lol) before.
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Bleupluie 89 sono
i know...most ppl don't...cuz most ppl can't stand that long, or there's no place open that long...or if there is, then it would be jam packed with party goers
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Wow, so energetic. I have left clubbing scene long long time ago....hahaha....nowadays, I think I pengsan by 1a.m....just feel not so safe to be out so late at night.
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Bleupluie 89 sono
your side maybe...us here...still ok la...KK is still safe, as long as u know where u're going... well in KL, i did party until...4am? i forgot...something like that...and got up at 9am...>,<
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