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my wii vidz...

thought i'd share some of my funny Wii vidz i took last year...

i still find them funny this actually happened in last year's Chinese New Year...

i think we were the first ones to play Wii in Sabah... wondering what will happen this CNY...

will we get to play with the machine again this year? since the owner of the machine is still studying overseas...hope he'll be back for CNY...

just following the recent buzz in the site's obsession with Wii...

Video: my first attempt at shooting a game play in progress...


Video: Battle of the Century: War of the Siblings!

u two hyperactive monkeys, don't hit the TV!


Video:  Battle of the Century: War of the Siblings! rear view...

with game commenter James...


Video: full length play of boxing

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAp1ffBAFQw a thousand apologies that i haven't mastered the skills of shooting vidz... tv screen looks horrible!!

i think i have a total of 7 videos uploaded at YouTube for our little Wii Tournament...but i think these 4 are funnier!

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Photo 48004
Hahaha, it reminds me of the times I play the Wii at a friends house. We usually play Wario Ware and that's hella funny. Although at the moment we mostly play Singstar ( but that's just as embarrassing I guess :)) Thanks for sharing had a great laugh :D
over 12 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
lol, i think this is the Wii Sports series...i really enjoyed watching them play boxing, though i did not try to play that, i think i'll look stupid... golf and tennis was nice =) but not so video-worthy...
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Photo 25
Have you made any holes in the walls or ceiling yet?
over 12 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
Boon, u got me thinking for a while there...lol~ well, i guess that's why we painted the walls again last month...*this totally has nothing to do with the machine...*
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