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moment of silence...

heard a sad news over the radio on my way to work...

Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment...

this is so sad!!

i like him! first saw him in an Australian teen sports drama, and i think the title was Sweat!

then he moved to the States and starred in movies like 10 Things I Hate About You, A Knight's Tale, The Patriot, and of course Brokeback Mountain that got him nominated for an Oscar...

well i didn't get to watch Brokeback, but i'll definitely go watch The Dark Knight when it comes out...

Heath, you will be missed dearly!

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oh my god! oh my god! I can't believe this! this is so shocking, I started liking him in 'Casanova', & was looking forward to see 'Dark Knight'. I suddenly felt weak reading this blog. So sad.. ='(
over 12 years ago
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sad.... =(
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oh Juhana, thank u for reminding me of Casanova!! initially planned to watch this when it came out, but both my friend and i were busy, so we didn't manage to...i think i'll be buying the DVD home... yes...very sad indeed...i heard they're still waiting for the autopsy report to finalize cause of death, and it'll take 2 weeks...may his soul rest in peace...
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sad news. after that Ang came to tokyo for "色 戒" promotion He was so kind to fans and talked with smile as usual on stage. guessing his real feelings, i became little sad.
over 12 years ago
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finally...watched Casanova... just bought it...VCD tho, couldn't find any DVD, been looking for far too long! it is a great one!! simply marvelous~ the script was magnificent!! what twist! and what complicated relationships they have!! dear Heath, you will be remembered as a great entertainer, i enjoyed Casanova very much, i laughed whole heartedly watching all the silliness... we will wait for Dark Knight and see another of your masterpiece!
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