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killing time...

while i'm waiting for the result of the latest Asian Idol...

found these to be extremely cute!!

spreading some Christmas spirit...

and good luck Idols! of all the Idols, i only know Hady Mirza from Singapore aside from Malaysia's very own Jaclyn Victor...just my luck that when i went to Singapore last year with my mum, Singapore Idol Season 2 was in their final 3...

from last night's performance, which i only caught a few glimpses of, bored ol' me was switching from channels to channels...Jaclyn gave a marvelous performance!! and Indonesia's very own Mike was very impressive...Hady didn't quite catch my attention, India's Abhijeet was also so so...missed Vietnam & Philippines' performances though...

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Bleupluie 89 sono
ok...RESULTS!! HADY WINS!! huh?! ok...he's got a great voice and all (from my short memory of Singapore Idol), but when he sang U2's Beautiful Day last night, it wasn't all that impressive...maybe his other song was... but it all comes to votes...so... Congrats Hady!!
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cute graphics! I quit watching talent searches long time ago. Saw "Ikon Asean", I was channel surfing & got to watched only the last 20 minutes of the show.
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Photo 23005
awww.. they're so cute! =D
over 12 years ago
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what's Ikon Asean? i'm only watching bcuz i followed the progress of Malaysian Idol 1st Season which Jaclyn Victor won, just wanted to have a full stop for this cycle. i'm so 'out' these days, i only know English songs and AliveNotDead...i don't know about anything else!!
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ikon asean was held in malaysia, its quite the same w/ what your watching, "asian idol", where the contestants are from the asean countries, malaysia, indonesia, philippines. don't know much about it, i just saw it by accident.
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Photo 31984
Aww.. that is really cute! I like the smiley snowman
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