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just went over 3,000 hits...

lol...just now i saw it was 2,983...

now it just went pass 3,000 hits...

just recording my progress here...puhaha...

anyway, back to work!

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3,000オーバーおめでとう! ^ ^ これからも楽しいブログを読ませてね~
over 12 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
ありがとうjiushi~! もっともっと書くの!
over 12 years ago
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over 12 years ago
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it's my first time here but congrats!!
over 12 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
yay yay! lol~ musicnote sirendipity, welcome, and thank u!
over 12 years ago
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wow, already up to 3315 in only a few days. my hits are going faster and faster now too (because AnD is growing!)
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
over 12 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
Etchy update: it's already 3330... thanx Patrick!
over 12 years ago


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