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Jin took off from Malaysia...

this morning, i was still in a bad mood from something that i heard last night, but that's not important...

while on my way to work, i tuned in to Hitz.FM, which is what i normally do when i'm driving...in 2006, i listened to Chinese station My FM, but Chinese music scene was a bit dim compared to the English music scene in 2007, so i switched over to Hitz.FM and occasionally, Mix FM...

as i was looking for a parking space, suddenly Rudy (or was it JJ) said, "Guess who called in this morning? JIN!!" guess the guys really like Jin too, bcuz they're always excited when they say his name, although they always sound bubbly on air, puhaha which is why i tune into them every morning! and they played the recording...

Jin is extremely FUNNY! he said he wanted to give JJ a "Gotcha Call", but it was too early and it didn't turn out right...he's just been here for a li'l more than a week and he's got the hang of it!

a "Gotcha Call" is a prank call session where listeners can log in to Hitz.FM's website and fill in the online forms about details on the person they wanna pull a prank on. it's really crazy and wacky, and most of the time we hear swearing and cursing being censored toot...anyhow, it was so cool that Jin called the station to say goodbye before leaving...

and now i believe he is back in NYC...

so much for my lame reporting of Jin's appearance...i spent most of the time laughing and i forgot all the details...


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