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Jin on Hitz FM this morning!!

and so i was late for work...it's ok, i stay back late most of the time...

as i was driving down town, suddenly JJ & Rudy of the Hitz.FM morning crew said that they're having a special guest comin' over all the way from Mee-ah-mi (Miami)... JIN!!

i was like NO SHIT!!! WHAT THE HELL?! it's not even 8:30am! Jin's early~ did he sleep at all?!

can't find a parking...GOOD! i can listen to Jin's interview for a while more...

haha, he's so funny~ so HE DID COME TO KL FOR THE COUNTDOWN SHOW!!

and he's still here!

apparently it's his 2nd trip here, he came about 2 months ago checking out the place and try to get his ABC album into the local market since there ARE quite a number of Chinese here!!

his words went something like "I've never seen so many Chinese in one place other than China!! no i'm just kiddin'..." so that means....


and he's gonna put in 2 bonus tracks in the Malaysian edition...


with Jin's album out, so my guess is, Far*East will be next!! keeping my fingers crossed! can't find their albums here...i'd hate to do online-purchasing...

Jin complains it's REALLY HOT down here...well of course! other places he's been is getting cold now...and he's just right next to the equator...

so Jin came to the station to announce the winner for the "Year End Rap Up", a rap competition arranged by Hitz.FM in seek of a rap superstar...check out the site, there are a few pics of Jin on air...

you know it's Jin when u see that 靖 tattoo on his neck...and the other guy's JJ from Hitz.FM

of course i didn't sit in the car listening to all this...i have my mp4 player with built in radio...so i kept listening while doing my chores, and have a few good laughs...before going off air, he gave a big shout out thanks to the person who drove him to the station, he said they round the whole Astro building for 6 times bcuz they couldn't find the entrance...HAHAHA, very funny Jin!

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oh wow, i didn't realize he was going out to malaysia. you should have called in and mentioned AnD! :-P
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haha, i wanted to, but then again i think they'll have a hard time mentioning my name on air...lol~
over 12 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
i forgot one thing! Jin also mentioned that he's gonna come out with a new album this year, titled "Birthdays, Funerals, and everything in between" something like that...
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