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human existence...

just something i'd like to share with everybody before i hit the sack tonight...well, it's already past midnight...

this is one of the questions that has been lingering on my mind ever since forever...well maybe not so long, but ever since i got harassed by mindless and rude kids back in primary(elementary) school days on my ethnicity, i didn't like being part different, especially being part Japanese due to the fact that in WW2, the Japanese military occupied this land for 3 years and 8 months, and all the cruelty that showered this land under their hands...well, it was war, and it was the soldiers, and not Japanese in general, of course, there were also kind soldiers, but who'd take notice...over the years, i grew out of it, war has passed, in fact for over half a century, those kids didn't even experience war, or understood what they said...sometimes i still get these comments jokingly, but it's not funny...

back to the purpose of this blog...

i saw this commercial on Discovery channel last weekend while spending time at my aunt's house...it goes something like this...

"...all the living things in this world can live without human, but why do human exist? what is the purpose of our existence? is there a bigger meaning to it? everything exists for a reason. could it be the fact that we human, being the only living organism having the ability to protect this planet, and build a better place for all?"

i thought it was well said. i can't remember the actual words said, but i'll keep an eye on the TV and take note...night everyone...

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Yes, we should love this planet, only we, human being is aware of its existence, and we must protect our mother land. Thks for the quote. Merry x'mas and a Happy New Year!
over 12 years ago
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戦争はいつも悲しい結果をもたらします。 War always brings sad story. 世界が平和でありますように。 May world be peace! 互いに愛し合うべきです。 We should love each other.
over 12 years ago
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interesting stuff you touched upon... i agree that we shouldn't generalize or stereotype certain cultures or ethnic groups. each person should be responsible for his/ her own actions and shouldn't be judged by his/ her roots.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody =) glad u girls appreciated the message, and happy to have conveyed some positiveness during this season of the year...
over 12 years ago
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that's interesting what you brought up. it makes me think...
over 12 years ago
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I agree with amy and wwjd......the only way to cure the world is to love everybody. Reach out with a heart and soul to everyone and only speak the truth, it's very simple. Think of it this way....you are needed not just by your family or your friends but mother earth also. You make everybody happy just by being here and being who you are! And the great thing is love and happiness doesn't cost a thing! ;))
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