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construction or destruction...

time for some deep thinking again...

this blog was initially supposed to appear in my friendster blog earlier this year...

i totally forgot about this blog topic until a few days ago, when i stopped at the traffic light right beside the new flyover (overpass road) in town...

it seems i'm never gonna finish the entry...it's still lying in my draft over that blog...so i guess i'll just delete it and start afresh here...

development and progression, in general, is evaluated through our eyes, i.e. the number of buildings in a city, the height of these buildings, the colorful lights that decorate them, the size of roads, hi-tech transportations available in the city, powerful battle weapons...

yet have we ever thought that as we build, and progress further ahead, moving towards development, we are actually inviting destruction?

my point is...from the moment human started building, for our own conveniences, we have actually created another means to hurt ourselves...

take our most common means of daily transport, the car for example...

before cars were invented, people walked, or ride on horses, cows, donkeys and maybe carriages pulled by these animals. the possibility of collision is low, even if there is, it wouldn't do much harm towards our lives. the car was invented bcuz human wanted to move faster, especially in our current living standard, everything is based on speed, time is money!! yet, how many road accidents occur daily in your town, in your state, in your country, and the whole world?

with more and more cars, roads are essential. and we build highways, flyovers...and on every road, there are curbs, barriers, drainage...unfortunately, accidents do happen, say for instance, a car loses control, skids off the flyover, flips down the ground level highway, crashes on another car, does another flip, and lands head down into the drain...let's count the damages...

as we build more and more, space is getting limited, so we decided to build up...and up...and up we go, touching the sky...yet we can never fight the forces of nature: storms, earthquakes, volcano eruptions...and not forgetting the unpredictable human behavīor: terrorist attacks, bombings...did we just created more space for ourselves, or did we created more space to be destroyed?

maybe i'm just being pessimistic, too negative in my thinking...but are we building a better world, or are we building a hazardous future?

to be continued...(if i develop more ideas...inviting all of your inputs in this)

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That's the thing...we're disrupting the environment by being a more developed world. We're part of the cause of the destruction :(
over 12 years ago
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that just makes me think of heroes... all these ethnical questions... urgghhh
over 12 years ago
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i agree, i think humans have self-destructive tendencies in general. that's why so many people smoke and drink, even though it's bad for their health. i think i understand why you never finished your previous attempt at blogging about this topic. i wanted to give a more in depth reply on my opinion about this topic, but it would have come out looking like an essay...
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