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Congrats Jay & Vincent!!

i told myself the first thing i get an online connection, i wanna blog and congratulate both Jay and Vincent for snatching away the Best Original Film Song in last night's 44th Golden Horse Award!

lucky me, i was at my aunt's place last night accompanying my mum bcuz my aunt had to attend a dinner in town. my mum's been at my aunt's place since...Wednesday? my aunt's house got robbed and she's helping her to clean up and tidy...

i actually didn't know the award show was gonna be telecast LIVE last night over cable tv

i don't remember being this excited in the last 2, 3 years... no question to why i love this song so much...

what i'm interested to know is how Jay felt after winning the award since he wasn't there, he's apparently in Hong Kong Coliseum, in the middle of his World Tour Concert? did he break it to his fans during the concert? did the whole stadium screamed? that must've been a really stunning view...

i will leave you with Jam Hsiao's performance on the show and Cyril Takayama's magic performance...

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never heard of Jam Hsiao, but he has a freaking nice voice! =)
over 12 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
same here, i watched from the part where the stars were coming in, walking through the red carpet, and some emcees interviewed him, i was like who's this guy? he has Jason Tobin's hair...;p and apparently from the short interview, he's pretty famous in Taiwan now...
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congrats to Jay and Vincent!
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