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birthday celebration...

while i was at my friend's early birthday celebration here in KK, my guess is, up north in HK, T and a bunch of ppl are also having a lot of fun celebrating T's bday!

子维哥~ 生日快乐!虽然过左,不过我希望你寻晚玩得好开心~ 收到好多礼物同祝福!

i was singing Karaoke with my secondary schoolmates and their friends...it was really fun! although we don't know each other, but in the end, we all just sang together, and had a lot of fun, some got drunk and couldn't even walk or sit right...a few of my friends had to stop at a bus stop and puke...

well, it was a great night, and i do believe, music is really a good media to unite people, tonight was a proof, and i do believe, through this site, we can also get many people to come around and share their passion!

it's actually 3:19am of 20th May 2006 right now, but i'm still here, i wanted to check out all the artists but i don't think i can do it...i had a nap before going out so i still have energy, but i'm too full, went for supper just now with another friend, he just finished work at 2am...poor guy...other people who sang K with me were all drunk or tired, so i just called this friend out and we went to take some early morning supper... i wasn't really hungry, just felt like eating something...i'm like that these days, keep on wanting to munch or eat something...i'm gonna be so fat!

hopefully all my friends who sang K tonight are all sleeping soundly, and not falling off their bed...it was a really fun night...i sang a lot, that's why i didn't get drunk, they didn't get the chance to fuddle me...i kept on singing and singing, as if i was having my own mini concert, that was awesome! I LOVE SINGING! some really great voices were here tonight, so i was like singing with them or doing backup harmony for them...i really like doing backup harmony, it's a chance to sing the song in another way and learning a different tune...

how come we don't have Miriam Yeung, Soler and Karen Mok on our network? can we have them? Justin Lo too...who else? i sang their songs tonight...oh yeah, Eason Chan too! i'm demanding too much...

i should've drank more so that i'm drunk right now and i can go to sleep, too bad i'm still wide awake right now but don't feel like doing anything due to my bloated stomach...i am soooo gonna be fat...can't imagine my friends had to stop the car at the bus stop and puke for like 15, 20 minutes...i've never seen that happening...i almost took over the wheel and drove the new Toyota Vigo...damn...it's auto, i don't know how to drive Auto, i've driven an Auto gear control car before, but i'm not very used to it...i know it's easy, but i still prefer a Manual car...at least it really feels like driving...kekeke...


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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
we might add some of those artists down the road....need to get the site bigger first...
almost 13 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
ok, i get what u're hinting...will work on it...
almost 13 years ago
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mariam or miriam? no wonder you didn't answer my phone that day... while i need help.. and also another marketing people.. a-pang.. heard frm ket he's drunk..... luckily ket answer my call. haha.. i wish i can get drunk some times... hehe... maybe the night i resign.. hehe.. buy chivas and get drunk inside my bedroom.. wakakaka
almost 13 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
E Ling- her name is Miriam la~ go check...u're always asking, u never take the initiative to search and find out anything, that's why u're always in trouble! try searching on ur own! and that goes the same with FINDING A PROPER JOB! and...that night when u called, i was in the shower, and I called you back! but you didn't answer...so whose problem was that...
almost 13 years ago
Photo 24063
morning la... not night.... how come i din got ur misscall de??haiz.. look like tat day i really had..... miriam.... i thought is mariam yong.. another artist.... proper job... i wish to get one neither... anyway.. will work harder to get a good job...
almost 13 years ago
Bleupluie 89 sono
i think we are still talking about the same person...Miriam Yeung Chin Wah...and...i forgot already...it was so many days ago... i only remembered as i came out from the bathroom, i heard my phone ringing, went to pick it up u hanged up already...i called u back using my house phone, bcuz my handphone was almost out of credit but u din answer... one more thing...u should've said "either" not "neither"..."neither" means negative...
almost 13 years ago


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