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another blog?!~

don't think i'm gonna be active on this blog, since i already have Zorpia (which i abandoned) and Friendster (which is currently active), MSN is for standby just in case i screw up with Friendster...as for this one, guess i'll be more active on the photo album section...  but i like the idea of alivenotdead.com's blog having smilies and the ability of inserting tables...hmm...we'll see what will happen to my blogging life...

btw, i thank everybody who's visiting here...check out my photo albums...i like taking photos to kill time when i'm bored...that is, if there's any interesting objects or scenes to put my focus on...think i'm gonna get a good digital SLR when i save enough money, so many gadgets that i'd like to buy...argh! the temptations of modern lifestyle...any suggestions?

i see people typing both English and Chinese, but i'm still in the office, clearing up some documents in my out-tray...supposed to be working half day today... anyway, can't type Chinese here...so...does this blog translates itself? lol

catcha later...enjoy my pics and do leave some comments so that i can improve on my picture taking skills...thanx!

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I wish the blogs translates itself into Chinese. haha.
about 13 years ago


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