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Saturday night 7pm outside Poundland in Abington St. Northampton is the drop off for clothing food toys etc for refugees and local homeless. I leave Earls Barton at 6.30pm to drop off ...the boot is full and the back seats are not...warm clothes are needed...empty your excess and share what you got..xx

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My favorite female entrepreneurial story as read by one of my favorite male voice's....meet Sarah Breedlove,,the FIRST female American entrepreneur..

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Got over my concussion now and although I still have a broken tooth ...I don't have the fractured jaw or skull the hospital consultant said I would have had if the ground I landed on was not grass! What am I saying!? Count your blessings, every one! Feel like it's all bad?! I'm saying it could have been worse! Count your blessings! xx

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Happy New Year!!! What a blessed time to think of a New Year! The trees are getting ready to sleep and they are gifting us with my favourite colours, their shed leaves! I shed all the things that I no longer require and I look forward to rest and renewal. Projects I thought were important that I can see are not, I let go. People too, I let go, gently and with ease I allow the colours of death and decay to 'be'. I am ok with other's letting me go. I am ok with myself getting older because I am growing more beautiful by the day..I am not afraid of my laughte...Read more

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I've been given so much clothing and stuff in the past few months from friends and neighbours clearing out for house moves that I was beginning to wonder what was going on in my universe! Well tonight I've been accepted to help refugees in Calais and I'm taking many sack loads of clothing to a drop off point on Saturday night. What doesn't go to Calais will go to the Homeless people and families locally so I'm on an absolute roll now and I'm amazed at how this happened today! Why? because I commented on another ladies post saying how blessed I ...Read more

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Wonders ..wonderfilled...wonderfull...wondering...wonder....she sighs

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A wonderful ending to what could have been very bad..

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