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The stars have moved.......

It seems my stars have moved andthe light has goneso does this mean I won't carry on?No!it's just time to move into another space ....another placewhere the day has become night and the stars still shine bright...another zonewhere I will be reborn.A new creatureSame features, just differentSame smile, same heart.Only Love is Forever!A new start, my dreams come true through the trial of faith, whereDarkness takes up every trace of Light...I turn around ...I Read more

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What is a tree?

Too blue to be true....I hear the trees call and whisper my nameIt feels as though their blood runs through my veins?As I stand simply listeningTheir songs lifts my soulI'm possessed by their beauty Their voices make me wholeSomehow they are dancing but how can this be?A tree is not moving is a tree just a tree?Or is someone living within their great reach? Have the voices and memories of all who have stood been captured within them them waiting to speak?I hear leaves and feel them like spirits of lightWhispering beauty in the dead of the...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Oct 27

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The song of life

How did you manage to find me

I asked the clouds of life

They seemed to sail right through me

like peices of cold solid ice

I warmed them and they melted

they made a pool for me to swim

I glanced at the reflection

is it me that lies within?

is this me?

who is she?

this glancing female ghost?

I see her looking at me

a heavenly angelic host

I am your life my pretty

I am your heart my dear

I am all you can be

Believe i...Read more

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Gypsy heart

Love is all you need


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Taking a step into the night

Taking a step into the darkness

Looking up to see my stars

Hearing the breeze and night owl's singing

Makes me feel surreal

Am I any less alive now?

When only I'm awake?

Somehow I know you're listening

To the singleness of my hearts beat

I take another step and find my feet are free

There's nothing here to fear if all you own is love

Darkness owns my thoughts and hears me as I think

While I am darkness' friend tonight

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Mexican Fil Festival HK

Oh I wish I could be in HK for the Mexican Film Fest!! But I'm in the UK London to enjoy the 'Big wedding' and also my fave bit! Shakespeares birthday celebrations in Stratford! Fabulous!

Hope every-one every-where is 'blessed'....x Angela x

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Biggest MOOOON in 20 yrs...shame it caused a tsunami!!!

Uhu! It's big! Shame it had such an effect on the earth's plates though!?

Does this validate that good follows bad and vice versa?

Wish I could go and help in Japan....can only support and send prayers...sending love x

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Sad for Japan

Nothing can give back what is taken away but we can always start over.

Be strong Japan our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Love is the answer.....

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