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Art Exposure I - ARTHK 10

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It's unfortunate but when you go to an event like this, some people will still not show the respect. The ones I have been too have not allowed photographing the artwork especially painting and photography aswell as material as they feel the flash photography can damage the work which I can understand and most certainly respect but than I did take photos myself of some photography by local artists, yet now I can see why it is annoying.
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oh, it's bad to take photos? (not that i do).... shouldn't art be shared?
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its not that you shouldn't share. Most people unknowing use flash - which as an intense burst of concentrated light. It only damages photographs and paints by a incremental amount but imagine everyone shooting one or two pictures with flash - that's a whole bunch of light. Its just me but if you like the work, buy the catalog or the artist monograph. The color is better and the work is better represented. I'm not against sharing, its just my perception of gallery/ museum etiquette especially when some of that art is heading into the HKD 100000+ region. Most of the things I see online are from direct or deferred sources (in terms of art). Those sources will almost always display a better picture than you will get on your camera phone. My rant is not about sharing, its about etiquette
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