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Eating Properly While Growing Mustaches

Keeping the beard clean is the best way to love your beard. A primary problem for beard growers and one of the best struggles that they have to go through is how to maintain them when eating food. This does not normally occur when you have them shaved regularly. The following are tips on how to keep them clean during the moments that you are growing a beard.

In grooming and trimming an  american beard you should first keep your mustache around your mouth well-trimmed. But if you prefer to grow them a bit bigger, you should use a nice firm stache wax to make your hairs together and use it to shape your facial hairs so that they would not get in the way of your delicious food. You can trim yourself with a pair of barber's shears every day or so or you can even visit a friendly barber at least once a week for touch ups. The longer the beard, the more care it will require.

During meal time, you need to cover your beard so that no food fragments will be able to cling or stick on it. You can use a bib, bandana or a handkerchief. The fabric must be of a waterproof type. You can tie it around your chin when you really need to keep your beard clean. This might make you foolish and funny but if you are really concerned about giving it your utmost care, like before an important meeting or a job interview, you must do all things possible to do so.

 If you reach across the table for a salt, and the tip of your beard dips into a friend's food or drink, that will really be disastrous and you can really experience a fist on the face. When your beard gets longer, you must make sure to tie it out the way when you are about to sit down for a meal. You can clip it to your shirt or jacket when it is already tied down or you can simply tuck it in your collar if you can.

You can change your eating technique when you are  growing beard. You can reduce the size of your bites. You can invest in some tools to make your life easier and to maintain the beard well-trimmed all the time.

When you are eating hamburgers, crumbly sandwiches, pizza, and wings, you must commit to using a knife and fork, and you must eat in very small bites. You must be able to get away with folding dry slices of cheese and pizza, but for slices with lots of toppings and oil. The knife and fork are the only way to go.

In drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, you can carry a nice and sturdy ceramic, pyrex, or steel reusable straw to sip with your hot beverages. You can also invest on a mustache cup or whisker dam to protect your hair from being dipped into your coffee like a donut. Most portable cups have spouts that would be good for handling your morning cup.

The  best Wahl beard trimmer is available if you are still insistent on growing your beard and maintaining it in healthy conditions. 

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