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F1 night race in Singapore

Went to the 1st ever F1 night race last month. It was my 1st time watching F1 race and it was awesome. I was sitting at the grand stand and was almost deaf  due to the Zroommmingg of the motor cars haha. Hope i could catch it again next yr.

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busy with work..

Dear all,

I've been busy working and visiting places. Love my job and wish i have more off days.

Been to Sydney


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Holiday time!!

I'll be off to Korea for a week tonight!!!

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Some random pics to share.

Farewell party for some of our pilots.


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Myammar cyclone

It's heart-breaking to know that 22,000 ppl died in myammar cyclone these few days. It's 1 of the worst natural disaster that have took away so many ppl's life. I have many burmese colleagues around & i'm wondering if any of their friends & family are 1 of the victim. Let's pray hard for family & friends whom had lost their loved ones...

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Thomas in love movie

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2-L7hBQhcE I'd watched this movie called "Thomas in love" on australia tv last 2 weeks ago. This film is from France.  It is like a futuristic sci-fi movie. Is this what the future will be like, with visiophones and cybersex suits and online prostitutes?

I find that it's a very artistic film as we do not have such film in asia. Just as when i was about to doze off in bed at around 11pm, this colorful screen c...Read more

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Re: Goodbye to 2007 & hello to 2008?

I feels that i'm still in 2007.. although it's 1st jan 2008 now! Well, what can i say? time flies like a rocket... People will always ask me this question over and over again... "What had i done for the past yr and what's my new year resolution?" I would definately say i dont know. haha i know that sounds bad... Seriously i had done nothing much great in 2007! Working, having fun, slacking around , shopping, eating, movies, travelling, etc etc. Maybe 1 thing great i'd done in 2007  was a visi...Read more

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Hello how's everyone recently? been donkey months since i last blog. I'm not really busy with work nor do i have any comittment... just cant find anything interesting to blog or share with you guys. Xmas is coming soon. Will be busy shopping for xmas gifts next month for all my friends. Will be having 10 days of leaves in nov for my birthday.. wondering where should i go? Maybe no where as i'm planning to go Japan next yr April ... 1 of my friend just open a recording studio in singapore. if you...Read more

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i finally have my weekend off after so long... went johore bahru in the morning with my friends.. luckily there wasnt any traffic jam! went in for lunch,  hair cut, shopping!! it's so much cheaper than sg! i  spent around sgd $3+ for a yi ding noodle and a drink! watched the simpsons movie in vivovity! it's funny... you guys should catch it if you're a fan of the simpsons... but i'm not... haha

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Re: went go karting...

i went go karting with some of my colleagues last week in auzzie and it was so fun. It's my last time playing go kart.. but i was the slowest... well everyone has their 1st time! haha.. excuses

Been busy working nowadays after i'm back from my hk trip last 2 weeks ago. Have lots of fun there.. went disneyland,lautau island, shoppings and more shoppings!!!it's the summer sales now in hk...  i simply love the new shopping centre festival walk! it's so hugh... <...Read more

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