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1st time...

A lot has happened since I last blogged. Last Friday was the 1 st time I served as a juror. It was a criminal case that took a couple of days to finish. Guilty on one count of sale of controlled substance. And Not Guilty on the charge of tampering with evidence. The 12 of us, hands down, reached the verdict of not guilty on tampering with evidence right away… it was clearly the cops who messed up on this one. The defendant was arrested and stripped searched at the precint’s bathroom and was told to bend over when nothing was visible on him. There were 2 cops involved. One who stood next to the defendant and the other one stood behind the defendant to look into his anal cavities. Upon seeing 2 bags of crack stuck up in the butt, the searching cop told the other cop what he saw. Then somehow, the defendant used one of his finger and pushed the supposedly 2 bags of crack up his butt. And that’s how the evidence was “lost”. The following procedure would be that the defendant would be taken down to a hospital and given a laxative to get the evidence out. When asked by the defense attorney why the defendant was not sent to the hospital to retrieve the evidence… the searching cop’s answer gave us all a shake of the head… his answer was, because he didn’t want to go through the fecal matter…  Tsk Tsk… Yes, I believed the defendant did pushed the cracks up his butt and he could’ve been put away for even more years… but b/c the sloppiness of these cops… if only they had sent him to the hospital, the “so called” evidence would be available, plus the witnesses of the doctors would make a stronger case… tsk tsk…

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On another note… the following Monday, my friend gave birth to her 1 st baby. A bunch of us visited them the next day and oh baby adam was sooo cute. Only two days old and he could turn his head around from side to side… amazing. Plus, when he looks at you, he doesn’t give you a blank stare. His big eyes follows you around. But oh the pain that mothers had to go through. YIKES! Initially, my friend didn’t want the epideral and wanted to experience it naturally. She told us that while she was in the delivery room, when her contraction scale reached on 45 (it goes from 0-100, with 100 being the ultimate pain), she was screaming and crying… and finally had the epideral. the highest it went up the scale was 85. oh the pain.. she went through and it hadn’t reach 100 yet… I hear from mothers that the pain was unbearable and yet they keep having children… you gotta to give ‘em a big thumbs up for it… I don’t think I can go through that… yikes… right now, adoption is looking very bright… {:0)


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I wouldn't recommend not having an epidural to anyone. Not even those who insist they wanna have it naturally. They don't know what they're talking 'bout til it HITS. haha. If I had a boy, his name would be Adam too. Love that name.
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