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Fool for love

Where have I have been?  What have I been doing?  In love, lol, at least for a back to the grizzy of business and subscribe to my youtube page for upcoming videos I'm hoping to be posting alot more this week with anewfound attitude and a renewed since of hope.  Life is many things and takes you on various journeys, this path that I walk is a blessing, and I'm thankful to just be creating music and singing and having fun with it for now.  I appreciate all the love and support each of you give.  I am back to the grind of my passion and true love.

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Is BPS on his grizzy or has he been MIA?

Hello beautiful people...I did get back early from a vacation in Miami...WMC (Winter Music Conference), networking, partying, dancing, and good times...but no less spring is upon us in NYC...I have saving my coins to shoot this video, but in the meantime I've put my whole album up on youtube, search BPS, leave comments and help spread the word.  Stay tuned for full feature video in the next month or so.

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BPS live on the radio!!!!! Tuesday March 10!!!

Support and help spread the word!!!!!

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BPS host "Exclusiv"



I'm please to announce to the growth of my career as you are watching me host my second show for "Exclusiv" the number 1 show in Europe for celebrity news!  I hope you enjoy the footage that your are viewing live before they even see it in Germany which is where the show is taped.  Also I'm putting together my stage show for my upcoming tour to support the release of "Pulse" the album due out next month.  I have confirmed performances at the Special Olympics April 3rd in Miami, Quai 54 in Paris, and I will be throwing album release parties in NY, ATL, LA, and MIA.  If you cannot make any of these cities I will be touring the USA college circuit, and will keep you updated on future events as they are added to my rooster.  Check out events on my social networking pages on,,, and 

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Supporting the Artist's Way

Check out some music from a good friend of mine DJ Miguel Morales. I'm always in support of talented individuals and cool people....give him a listen and check him out on he will be joining here on soon show him love. I am excited about all the wonderful people I have met here on AnD. I am looking to come to HK to perform and promote my album "Pulse" sometime this year (Watch Out-EP available now on itunes search BPS), but I need a team of people who can help me get assimilated into the city: promoters, booking agents, publicist, a tour guide, graphic designers, DJs, club owners, etc. I am looking to tour there not live there. I want to have direct relationship with my fans and show them what an entertainer I am. If in anyway you feel you can help assist me in this please let me know. Peace and blessings.

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Inauguration into the Game!!!

It has been sometime since I have taken to digest all that has already happen in the New Year.  Obama's Inauguration was such a present, I'll remember that the most regarding history: proud, stellar, and remarkable are a few words that come to mind.  I am just thankful to be apart of it all.  I feel like I need to be doing so much more, I have been selfish lately focusing on my dreams, and I want to start giving back more to those in need.  It seems he speaks a lot to each of us about doing our part and I certainly plan on doing mine.  I realize its easy to get lost in your grind just trying to reach the pinnacle of your dreams and desires to bring yourself some satisfaction.  I was able to be around so many inspiring people when it happened.  Drinking champagne celebrating CHANGE.  This is what this is all about for me as well.... my inauguration into the game of entertainment: living, breathing, eating, and sleeping music. 

I am planning on performing across the country in major cities for the release of my album "Pulse" in March.  "Watch Out"-EP by BPS available now on itunes.  With the conjunction of each release in every city I will perform at a charity event, the first confirmed event is the Special Olympics in Miami April 3rd.   If anyone out there knows of an event that I could perform at or should be apart of let me know.  I also will be hosting a German Celebrity Access Hollywood  Show which is owned by I'll let you know when it airs if you have digital cable or Internet you should be able to see it.  It all feels so wonderful how it seems to be coming together and I have to thank all those who have purchased the album and helped spread the word its all appreciated.  With all my blessings I continue to reflect on the simple pleasures in life and I'm mindful of greater success come more responsibility.  Peace and blessings. 

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Official Release of Watch Out-EP on itunes!!!!!

I have waited for this day for some time now and I'm so happy that it is finally here, my new project, Watch Out-EP by BPS is now available on itunes.  Many have asked when will it be available and today is the day!  I wrote all the songs, I am the lead singer, and helped arranged all the tracks.  Will Taylor is the producer who built the beats.  This is an exciting time before the release of the full length album Pulse due out in March 2009.  I would love for you all to help spread the word and support the album.  I'm an independent artist who has fully funded my entire project.  I have been in NYC 12 years and I'm in a place where I see my dreams manifest.  I am thankful and blessed to all those who have contributed over the years to my growth: Ed Roc, Tony Silver, Debra Bonner, Efrem Chanel, JSM audio engineering school, and The Hit Factory.  Peace and blessings to you all may all your dreams come true!  Link below....

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It has been a minute I know since I have taken the time to write about what is going on with me. It was a conscious decision to wait till after the holidays so I could just spend time with my family and take it easy. Something I cannot seem to do in NYC at all no matter how hard I try. I still was thinking about my music and my career, but it doesn't really have the same brain wrenching effect as a migraine headache one gets from over-analyzing trying to figure it all out. Well now that we are off and running I am pleased to announce the continued growth of a man well in his uprising of self-reliance and independence solely on the soul (ooh I love that line you should re-read that). I have long ago given up the need to create resolutions when everyday I create goals, write to do list, and constantly challenge myself to perform better. It never fails though that someone will ask you what are your resolutions as if being perfect in my imperfections isn't enough I acquiesce to the demands of those curious to learn the inner workings of who I really am. I am telling everybody that the only goal I have for this year is to survive completely off my music and I have some good ideas how I am going to make that happen. This month of January 2009 will debut the release of my EP-Watch Out. I will be getting promotional and marketing help from Taylor Media, fans, and friends. This is an exhilarating turn of events sense there seems to be so much melancholy in the air from the economy, unemployment, wars, financial woes, and just plain down-and-out from the previous year which seemed to be heavy handed on the negative for those hard-working surviving their day to day lives. It never ceases to amaze me people who are so caught up with what other people are doing, negative and mean-spirited. This is why I choose to travel alone most of the time cause you get tired of hearing people complain and just get down on you as if you don't have enough to think about. The myriad of folks who have been so blue about the state of the music business and discouraging me to follow my dreams, unhappiness breads contempt, as if it was their decision anyway. The strange part of this is most of these people actually work in the business of music and who are they anyway, certainly not artist, but its almost as if people forget the role of the artist and what we are here for in the first place. Isn't are job to inspire? Are we not the ones who change moods, Alchemist who make gold, and wordsmiths who turn tragedy into triumph? It just makes me laugh, thank god, because I haven't forgotten not after twelve years the journey of 10,000 miles begins with one step. That there is always a light at the end of a tunnel and that with the pain comes joy in the morning. Yes, this optimism is not false hope, but the cliches that prove perennial because their significance is clear. That with the bad comes the good. The world was created on opposites. Opposing forces to maintain the harmony of the planet and what may seem like the worst thing in the world is actually the way its suppose to be. As an observer and student of life its hard not to wonder, to desire to know, and to just understand somethings because I mean that's what are minds were created for, right? Or are we just running around in circles, letting time pass by, and then question where all the time went. Instead of enjoying life, we were busy contemplating the unimaginable where are minds cannot seem to venture to because our job is not to think about the unexplainable, but to create appreciate, and paint pictures our souls see. How could you possibly fathom the dynamics of life when we haven't reach our full potential as human beings trapped in society's maze in survival of the fittest trying to make as much money as we can to buy the biggest house, fastest car, and have the most beautiful lover based all on superficial ideals of what we should be doing...all is lost on those who have forgotten the artist...interpreters of existence and creators of not just art, but the very essence of the god in us. So I resolute not to be dedicated on holidaze like New Year's cause actually my birthday is my new year, but learn to reach the greatest part inside all of us. The beauty within. The soul. Create. And remember to breathe.

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Off to Rehab once again!!!

Last night I was in the East Village again and it was at a video release party for Jake Lefco, Core Rythym, and Hired was cool always good to get out and see artist do their thing, good energy, positive vibes, and of course, youtubing it, lol...I really enjoyed Lefco's video the was simple and creative...kool vibes and just good ole feeling of that underground hip hop scene that is undeniable...I have a performance tomorrow for our company Xmas party and I can't wait to do that, cause its always fun performing in front of people who only see you one way and I get to show my artist will be unbelievable, cause I know I'm going to act up and push limits just to get buck wild and enjoy my 5 minutes of fame on the smaller stage of life...Its all love I hope you all are gearing up for the holidaze and enjoy them...anyone with food you would like to donate to my hungry belly let me know...until next time PEACE and BLESSINGS....

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BPS is tuned 'N'

Feel like I have a lot to say, but then again I also have much work to if excuse me if I don't ramble and I keep it simple as I like to do these days. Time management is something that I find important to stay on top of for continuity. First, Hip Hop Subway Series Finale 2008, was cool: good vibes, networking, talent, and my first of many more I hope. It was being filmed by MTV2, MTV Europe, and I didn't really get my chance on the open mic thanx to NYPD cutting it short, but uh anyway I was all up in the cypher. And cats realize oh shyt dude can actually sing! So don't be surprise if I'm all in the underground scene on hooks, songwriting, and backgrounds. Nuff said on that, nah don't know when it will appear I will keep you updated though. Second, my EP-Watch Out will debut on itunes Jan 2009, no official date yet cuz they are backlogged, but hopefully mid Jan 2009 you can cop it. This is exciting news I feel like thangs are moving along. Third, I had a good weekend and even had a chance to chill and just relax a little bit and not get so caught up in the hoopla of fame and fortune. Lastly, I wish ya peace and blessings and keep me posted on opportunities for me to perform at (paid gigs only!), podcast, interviews for magazines online/offline, and a showcase you might think best benefit me to perform at. Check me out

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