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Hottest Resorts in Batangas and Laguna - Philippines

Laguna- Resort Capital of the Philippines is situated at the foothill of Mt. Makiling, Mount Banahaw, and also the Sierra Madre Range. It is blessed with boundless gifts of nature - the waterfalls, lakes, mountains and forests, rivers, and hot springs. It is engulfed by Laguna de Bay - South East Asia’s largest fresh water lake. There is a “lake within a lake�? as a crater bay also known as Crocodile Lake rests in the border of Laguna de Bay. There’s also the mystical Mt. Makiling which is considered ideal for any types of outdoor tripping like trekking, bird and butterfly seeing, and camping.

You can easily come across various types of lagunabatangasresorts.com that differs from hot spring to nature types. Caliraya Lake between the towns of Cavinti and Lumban is an ideal example for aqua sports which includes sport fishing, wind surfing, water skiing, and sailing.Its deep waters together with the intense mountain wind that blows from Sierra Madre Ranges and remote Mt. Banahaw make it an amazing place to go for water adventure. Also, wandering into the rough area leading to the mountain slopes has always been an exilerating journey in Dalitiwan River in Botocan, Majayjay in which visitors can see the river’s strong current of really cold waters. The thrill of "white water landing" can certainly be liked by tourists who can't help but swarm the ever-popular Pagsanjan Falls wherein their boat are navigated by experienced boatmen into the streams and rocks that leads to the fresh, clean, and soothing mountain river.

Situated at the foot of Mount Makiling are the towns of Calamba and Los Banos where natural and man-made hotspring resorts abound. As one plunges into the water, the effects are therapeutic to your soul and relaxing to one's body. Great choices can be had from among the five hundred Laguna resorts within these towns whether for family summer getaway, group events, special occasions, or simply for the fun of swimming while appreciating the cool top mountain breeze and basking on a sunny day. The City of Spring Resort, LaVista Pansol, Splash mountain, and Hidden Valley Springs are just few of them. This province is actually a two-hour drive from Manila thru SLEX, thus, Laguna resorts are conveniently accessible. As a flourishing centre of economic activity, this “Resort Capital of the Philippines�? is also known as the “Silicon Valley of the Philippines.�?

Just 2 to 3- hour drive Southern side of Manila is Taal Lake in Batangas - the centerpiece attraction of Southern Luzon. Batangas embraces local and foreign guests along with its alluring long sea-coast, white sand beaches, as well as luxurious resorts. A “must see�? is by far the tiniest volcano in the planet - Taal Volcano which is encompassed by Taal Lake. From afar, one can witness its magnificient splendour while taking a single cup of Batangas distinguished black coffee or kapeng barako recognized for its very strong aroma and taste. For an close encounter with Taal Volcano crater and for the rather adventurous, one can consider taking the Calacuit trail.

The popular batangas beaches are based in the towns of San Juan, Mabini, and Nasugbu, to name some. High-quality white sand of Lobo beaches turned these home to colonies of living corals renowned. For sport fishing, sailing, swimming, yachting, and skin diving, top rated are probably the beaches in Lian. Celebrated for creamy whitesand and colourful bamboo beach rafts, Matabungkay Beach is one place that stands out in Batangas. Preferred by resident and international scuba divers are the top-notch dive and snorkeling places in Barangay Anilao, Mabini. Certainly, it is one of the country’s hottest destinations for under water adventure. Calatagan is a favorite weekend destination because of its fine rest houses, ancient Spanish provincial charms and atmosphere, and panoramic perspective of the seascape. Also available in this town are the opportunity to check out Cape Santiago Lighthouse, wakeboarding in Lago de Oro, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Within these two provinces, many things may be discovered! Amazingly, their finest dishes, festivals, amiable people, historical sights, and also rich cultural heritage can make your entire trip a heart-warming journey!

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