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Vell Baria Beautiful Savior: http://t.co/L3WuaKfThF via @YouTube

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Vell Baria Ikaw Rin Nicanor Abelardo: http://t.co/fRRgEzOchz via @YouTube

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Mahal Ko Kayo kahit dami kong absences due to exams and other activities .... and it's my first time to act in this professional production.. and I've bet that this will be booked by many due to it's popular demand... and it's rare that I or other actors will took part of this well known Shakespearean play and it's a good thing that I never took down this chance despite of school days, exams and applied music exams..

Wala na akong masabi kundi a job well done but our obligation in this prod will not end yet (may bookings pa tayo ehehehe) ...Read more


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Spaghetti before rehearsals and doing the diet now

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My green eye shadow make up

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Started to devote myself to brownies as my comfort food

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Sari Melati Imported from Indonesia




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Більш я принижують, більше я сильніше.

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