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Major in Digital Cinema Management?

really?  does it need a college degree to run a movie theater?http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/entertainmentnewsbuzz/2011/09/calif-theater-chain-aims-to-school-chinese-students-in-exhibtion.html
A California-based theater chain is trying to tap into the growing movie market in China –- not just by building theaters there equipped with the latest digital technol...Read more

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Blog: Monday, Nov 15

really quick for those of you i haven't seen in a little while and haven't been in contact other than through here..

1.  quit teaching.  why?  teaching high school sucks ass..s

2.  what am i doing now?  field support tech for GC and HPLC lab systems

3.  am i done with teaching?  maybe i'll do some private tutoring for extra $$

3.  anything else new?  got offspring on the way at the end of the year.  yeah.... working around chemicals most of my adult life didn't sterilize me.

the big...Read more

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Happy New Year 2010

seems like this is going to be my post for the year considering the last time i posted was just about this time too..heh..

amazing how time flies.  just a year ago, i was a newlywed, and now 1 year later, we're still married..haha..  thank goodness things are working out  :P  no kids yet and hopefully not for a little while longer so we can still have some fun.

hope everyone is doing well.  i'll try to drop in more frequently just to read all the goings on.  have a great year of the tiger!

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Blog: Wednesday, Feb 18

wow...  it's been how long since i blogged?  busy life with school, wife and world of warcraft.... haha

no time to blog or read how everyone is doing.  hope everyone is well

take care

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no on prop 8..... or vote yes if you really feel that way

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Blog: Sunday, Oct 12

again, thanks to www.rottentomatoes.com, i am able to plan a weekend movie outing with the gf.  ashes of time redux was out in theaters this weekend.  since i hadn't seen it since the mid 90's and she hasn't seen it at all, i thought why the heck not.

such a remarkable piece of work.  intricate scrīpt, inspiring actors, great visuals...

been such a long time since i had seen it, i had completely forgotten the story line...but considering how intricate...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Oct 7

Working as a teacher for the past few years, i realize that people forget that scientists generally have a wicked sense of humor.  This time of year, the Nobel prizes are awarded, but so is the parody award...the Ig Nobel Prize


here are a few of my favorites based on titles and subjects of research.   from physics, medicine, nutrition, and best of all, chemistry  :)

PHYSICS PRIZE. Dorian Raymer of the Oc...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Sep 26

dammit... last night i was surfing www.rottentomatoes.com checking out movies to see with the gf.  saw that   sukiyaki western django was playing at laemlle's in pasadena so headed out there to catch it.  stupid me, i didn't check the day that i was looking at, so when i got out there all the movies were different.....  :(  so sad.  i'm a huge fan of takeshi miike.  oh well, i gue...Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Sep 6

wow.  i'm glad some friends talked me into going to see ping pong playa.  it's a real fun movie.  so fun in fact i didn't mind driving out to glendale to see it even though it's playing just down the street from me in alhambra. 

i'm always afraid to see stuff featuring asian americans and analyzing asian american stereotypes.  either they're disconnected to their audience by just not being realistic, having nothing in common with them, or there's too much asian references for a regular person to get....Read more

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Blog: Monday, Aug 18

a few things that have cheesed me off about these olympic games has to do with the coverage by NBC (aside from the shitty job of the opening ceremony coverage).... too much boxing, too much waterpolo, not enough coverage on non US athletes doing well... (usain who? fastest man in the world? no clue...)

but the biggest thing that has really pissed me off has been the commentators for gymnastics.  now i understand that the color commentary has to be there to explain things, but they are unnecessarily saying soo much that pretty muc...Read more

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