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  • The Feeling Of Buying Proton Preve

    Friday, Jul 12, 2013 9:51AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    A lot of people today have been dreaming about having a car of their very own specifically boys who wants to buy "big toys". Sad to say for some of them, they can't afford to invest on one since most imported cars are very expensive. For example in Malaysia, a lot of people there can't manage in buying their own car. However, there are some institutions like various banks and many different lending companies offering car or auto loans. However, not everybody can be certified for loans. So, what Malaysia did was to make its own car and the Proton was born. Nowadays, the most current model of Proton which is the Proton Preve is the most popular and Malaysians even imagine themselves buying Proton Preve as if they are acquiring a leading brand of cars like Mitsubishi.

    As a matter of fact, Mitsubishi played a very major role in the development of this car from Malaysia when it was created in 1985. Proton is Malaysia's first brand of car. Right now, Proton is regarded by many as the national car of Malaysia for a lot of good reasons. A good reason is that Proton put Malaysia on the map of auto industry because it is named as the "global car".

    Right now, but not only the Proton Preve is popular in Malaysia but in other countries as well like Australia and Thailand and is even now crawling slowly to other countries as well. As what have been talked about, buying Proton Preve is just like purchasing a luxury car like Mitsubishi but minus the expensive value. The spare parts for the Preve are so popular and easy to find. Even in insuring the Preve, it is also so very budget friendly.

    Since the revealing of this particular model of Proton on April 16, 2012 at Seri Kembangan by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, the people of Malaysia has embraced this Malaysia-based car which they can really call their own. In the October of 2012, Proton felt that the Preve is ready to invade other countries and, so, it was introduced in Australia on that month and Aussies instantly loved that Malaysia-based car.

    When Proton Preve was launched in Thailand, it also earned plenty of important praise and admiration from the Thais and also praised its affordability. When they went to see the unveiling of this car from Malaysia, they also imagined that buying Proton Preve is just like buying not just Mitsubishi cars but also Lotus cars and believed that it is the best and most amazing C-segment car they have ever laid eyes on.

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