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    Friday, Apr 13, 2012 10:43AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Super GT 2012 Press Conference

    The last few months have been really strange for me. I’ve had to completely change the way I work and hit the ground running at the same time.

    What’s changed? Well, I used to spend a lot of time in my studio. Now, I’m lucky if I can step into my office once a week.

    I’m doing a hell of a lot of travelling nowadays (I just spent almost a week in a hotel in KL) and I think it’s only going to get more hectic with all the things I’ve got going on.

    So that kinda explains why my blog has been more than a little quiet lately.

    I haven’t forgotten about you guys, but it’s just that when you’re up at 7am and don’t get back in your hotel room until 1am then it’s kinda hard to sit down in front of the computer and type something cohesive.

    I returned home very late last night and this morning I had a little bit of time so I’m typing this now. Later on this afternoon, I’ve gotta leave again!

    Anyway, just to fill you in a little bit, on Monday, Jackson and I were in KL for the 2012 Super GT Press Conference.

    Our presence there was requested by JPM Motorsport (the organizers of the Malaysian round of Super GT) since Conemasters is one of the official support race organizers.

    Oh hello? Did I just tell you that the Conemasters Gymkhana Challenge is going to be back by popular demand at Super GT this year?

    More info coming soon … but for now, click on the photo above to check out this year’s Super GT Queen contestants!

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