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幾有愛嘅畫面 @chankawoon #amazingsummer

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真•水上必備 MAC 防水粉底無得輸(自購) Kryolan 防汗遮瑕堅唔甩 (自購) 肌研 海洋女神mask FB已經介紹過 Benefit brow gel 打好眉毛底子 Benefit 毛孔、控油base MAC 防水眼線liquid and pencil Sixty 8ight 拖鞋(自購) Volcom Bikini Avene 多用途噴噴 己試驗成功,可以下水✌?#waterproofmakeup

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冼大師影展強勢回歸 @jeffrey_sin716 #評判界名燈

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So happy seeing all of you today?

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Meal for one? It's so difficult to find a vegan cafe in hk , lucky to hv one in central #veggie #vegan #greens

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Just made the most amazing YouTube video of the year?

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People said no matter how much internal resolve you have, you will fail to change your life if you don’t change your environment. ? seriously considering moving back to Cheung Chau ?when I retire I guess

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It's Saturday!!!! 今個禮拜大病初癒又要錄音啦、報稅啦(姐我可是做生意的),我真係殘到無可再殘,BB Lab Massage cream + moist mask真係幫到手,按完敷15分鐘,香薰味好舒緩?

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This one's so sweet?

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Our birthday girl ?

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