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How can you Make Gravy

Gravy is just any sauce that we use like a base for soups or stews or added to a dish. Gravy is a liquid that's thickened having a starch, either flour or cornstarch.

One of the things I've learned through the years is the fact that people generally fall under one of two categories with regards to food preferences. There are people who prefer dry meals and those who prefer wet meals. I favor dry foods like crunchy fried chicken or a thick steak and my hubby and the family are wet. So, to help keep the peace in the household I had to learn to create a good tasting gravy will be able to serve alongside many meals. Here are a few of the tips I have worked out.

Brown gravy can be created using any pan drippings. Take away the meat after it's completed cooking, skim off excess oil. Give a few tablespoons of flour and stir with a whisk until a smooth paste forms. After you have this flour and drippings paste, add your liquid. This is often water with bullion added for added flavor, a broth, or perhaps a mixture of these and a little wine. YES. You can use chicken broth with beef or pork, so use that which you dress in hand. Salt and pepper to taste.

A delicious gravy that goes well with almost any meat is really a mushroom gravy. I usually make certain I have cream of mushroom soup within the cabinet. Thin with a couple of tablespoons of water or broth and mix to your pan drippings, or simply thin in a tiny saucepan, heat and pour over any dish.

how to make sausage gravy

Want something a bit more flavorful? Grab that box of onion soup mix. I personally use this often to flavor beef, pork, or chicken.

TIP: Turn to the shop brands and you'll find there lower sodium and sugar.

For an Onion gravy, season your meat with the dry soup mix then thicken the drippings as above or make use of the mix as the base for a gravy. Simply combine the soup mix, 1 tablespoon corn starch, along with a cup of cool water. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly to avoid scorching and viola, you have gravy.

Ditch that store-bought macaroni and cheese. Within A few minutes you may make a cheese gravy beginning with making a white gravy. This is just 2 cups cold milk and a pair of tablespoons cornstarch combined and heated as for the onion gravy above. When your sauce comes to a boil then reduce the heat and add in 2 cups shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese, salt and pepper to taste. For any real treat give a small can of Rotel brand tomatoes with peppers and kick up the mac-n-cheese. You will never go back to this area. My family loves this with ham and broccoli added to make a one dish meal.

White gravy is excellent if you add sausage and pour over biscuits for breakfast. Just replace the cheese above with crumbled, cooked sausage.

Tomato Gravy is exactly what most people think about the grounds for most marinara sauces, however, you could make tomato gravy for everyone with lots of dishes, especially beef or chicken. Use any canned tomato sauce or juice, thicken with cornstarch as stated before, Two tablespoons to each 2 glasses of liquid, and

Using a fruit dessert? Try a fruit gravy. Simply thicken any 2 glasses of juice with Two tablespoons of cornstarch and heat to boiling. Pour over frozen treats for an instant hit, spoon over pound cake or pie to impress friends and family. The options are limitless.

making gravy is not nearly as difficult as numerous believe and the rewards will show around the faces of ones own and friends once they sit down for your table. Surprise them tonight with gravy.

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