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  • Major Benefits with a Microwave Convection Oven

    Saturday, Aug 3, 2013 11:06AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    If you're interested in buying the latest microwave oven you may well be passing on some big benefits by not contemplating a microwave convection oven. A good number of people use their microwave ovens for defrosting and reheating and miss it's potential when combined with convection technology. Do you know you will get identical delicious flavors and textures of traditional oven, slow-cooking when you add the convection function to a microwave? Here's why convection-style cooking reigns supreme in microwave ovens.

    A microwave convection combo is the answer to your desire or need for a second oven when your kitchen does not have the space.

    Besides getting two appliances in one, your combo oven will provide you with the same crisp textures, rich-colored browning and juicy flavorful tastes that you receive in traditional roasting in much less time.

    The technology that makes convection cooking so attractive is that during convection heating, hot air is circulated throughout the oven cavity to brown and crisp foods quickly and evenly.

    This variety of oven can be programmed to combine preheating and convection cooking operations. You can preheat to the same temperature as the convection temperature. Preheating can be achieved with or without the turntable.

    In accordance with the brand, most offer pre-programmed settings which are great for special baking requiring nothing more than setting a precise cooking time.

    These microwave convection oven combinations have pre-programmed settings that makes it easy to cook with both the convection, circulating heat and standard microwave efficiency automatically.

    Speed cooking is another bonus when marrying these two cooking technologies. How attractive would it be to cut your cooking time in half with the same great results?

    Convection cooking provides a type of searing that seals in juices, keeping your food crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

    You know microwaves are radio waves that are attracted to the water, sugar and fat molecules in food. Microwaves seek these molecules first with the sugar and fats in food content heating up first.

    Convection cooking, by circulating heated air seeks to distribute that heat evenly for even browning, sealing in juices for better tasting results in up to half the time.

    When you buy a combo oven it's going to cost more but you can get featured-packed models for under $250. Is having the convenience of convection technology in a microwave worth the upcharge? Only you can decide. Check online, at big box retailers and popular hardware chains for the economy models made by reputable brands.

    However, if want all the extras in a microwave convection oven with the largest capacity, and stainless steel finishes, be prepared to expend some substantial capital -- up to $2,000 based on model and brand!

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