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Monday, March 15, 2010

i typed. it refreshed. recently. honours project. frustrated. vampire diaries. work out. an hour and a half. keep it up.make up. malt* give up. bill* discover. fine. enough. am730. breakfast. money. suck. ngo. what is terrorism.in nepal. travel? phuket. april 1. released? peace and development foundation. plans. dreams.internship programme. exhausted. annual dinner. missed. top ten. dark chocolate. ipod. head porter.UNDP. japan. germany. hong kong. tvb. alivenotdead. addited. twitter. fashion. mcqueen. mini.exercise. government and international studies. primary classmate. sunny day. swimming. security study. blog.sour. netbook. sleep. peace. 


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thanks, Debora, nice to meet you here at AnD:)
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