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GIS 之旅…

SPA ; POLYU -> GIS ~ BU ~返左兩日學,清楚明白自己的期望!我清晰的知道自己將來不是想成為政治人物,更不願意涉於政治內…我願意以我兩年的 GIS 好好裝備自己,於NGOS內或有關倡議政策的部門內,為改變世界為己任…兩天的 Lecture 見盡學識非常的PROF.,亦遇上從未碰上的爛DR...真的想說一句:世上怎會有這樣的爛英文、爛堂… 什麼 what is political philosophy? "what is what" IS  what is the meaning of philosophy ...   philosophy is something you cannot simply explain in definition~ and that is the difference between political science and "political philosophy" sht  /// what comes more interesting... he says, "political science is a SCIENCE S-C-I-E-N-C-E and political philosophy is explaining  conceptal things... it emplains what should be....... but not what is......it's all about state, government, liberty, justice, rights and law....I just don't know what I typed on the above, but what these every sigle words are told by dr. L today on lecture...confused ALL totally, I saw all the exchange students were -O-  DEAD AIR ~ no more questions on class~ but were trying to fall asleep ...  that's why my classmates told me better check from the wikipedia rather than asking him ANYTHING =.=  one EVEN told me ~ she bet there will be no more international students on this lecture again ~ YOU KNOW WHAT ?? THEY CAN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND HIS SUCH RUBBISH ENGLISH ~Political Philosophy: Chinese & European omghay man ~ what shitty shit did you explain for the simple word "philosophy好,發泄完畢,回到我的現實…呢科一定要 TAKE ~ CORE所以,我硬要拿個A-/A回來!決定了!自己加油,有 *HVM** 同 GPA 托住我一定硬食!

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