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Daily Bulletin on Human Swine Influenza

   Daily Bulletin on Human Swine Influenza With the recent outbreak of Human Swine Influenza in Mexico, etc., the

response level for influenza pandemic in Hong Kong has been raised from

"alert" to "serious".  To help reduce the possible spread of influenza,

please be advised to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene by

observing the following recommended precautionary measures at all times :

       Keep hands clean and wash hands properly. Alcohol-based handrub is

       also effective when hands are not visibly soiled;

       Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way;

       Wash hands with liquid soap promptly if they are contaminated by

       respiratory tract secretions, e.g. after sneezing or coughing;

       Cover nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing;

       No spitting. Always wrap nasal and mouth discharges with tissue

       paper, and dispose of the tissue paper properly in a lidded rubbish


       Wear mask when symptoms of respiratory tract infection or fever

       develop. Seek medical advice promptly; and

       Refrain from work if develop symptoms of influenza.

For more information about Human Swine Influenza, please visit -


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