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Staying in Office and doing some boring computer works drive me crazy, they make my eyes dry and feel really tired. For more I stayed in the office, the more I hate for being in the office for my future career. I started my study in social sciences was just because I don’t like to sit in office for frustrating dead-things.

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I am now studying sociology. It tells lots of theories about the society. I discovered something that I am going to write down here.


Durkhiem is a great sociologist. He sees the society as a whole. He mentioned a key concept in social sciences. We should see the society as a subject, a thing.

The main concepts that he had mentioned:

-        Collective consenses/

-        Social Fact

-        Society as a Thing

-        From the view of outsiders?

-        By observation or statistics for viewing social problems

-        Official statistics are reliable?

-        Individual is not the focus of sociology

/..... more to do revision...

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