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2010.03.09 07:04 pm

  today was totally suck!!! stressful... back pain & sleepy presentation on security studies! my personal topic was on Arms Trade- Sudan as a case study!maybe as i havent done presentations for more than few months... that's no skill to say do... i was not only nervous/// but totally couldn't complete one full sentence.! not even express myself though i prepared my scrīpt for 5 pages for 9 hrs!!!!!!!!... I felt upset for myself. too SAD then come to the weekly reading test! i scored ZERO!!! the first time ever.... i am so disapoointed for you WinnY! !!  !   ! can't find a word to scold myself... and now/// typing this paragraphy, i find myself made too much mistakes:( i need a break![warholizer1716694](/attachments/2010/03/09/21/5824_2010030921030155.jpg)                                                                                                                                                            reading this from udn.com tonight! what a gift :) Thanks God bringing Van Ness back to Your Love and Kingdom!吳建豪:愛上帝才能贏得我的心和小彬彬演戲後,吳建豪也表示很想當爸爸,而且將來要生很多很多小孩,養得起就生六個,很希望定下來,而且愈快愈好。當然,他也希望女生是因為他本身而愛他,而不是因為迷戀吳建豪旁邊的光環。而針對如何找真愛、心目中的女神條件等提問,標準答案都是信上帝以及要愛上帝,甚至非常堅定的說:「希望她先愛上帝再愛我」!要愛上帝的女生才能贏得吳建豪的心。 

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